Bus Driver Resume Sample

Updated on: November 22, 2015

Overview and Guidelines

It isn’t enough to put down everything that you have ever done onto a sheet of paper. It needs to be put down strategically. What kind of strategy? One that instantly grabs the reader’s attention by summarizing what you are about as an experienced bus driver. It should then move on to a list of what you can do and how well you’ve done it. Then, it should provide the details of what you’ve done for other people. Lastly, your academic qualifications and certifications should seal the deal.

Here is what a resume of a bus driver should look like:

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Bus Driver Resume Sample


Jay Sullivan

1415 Columbus Street ● Wabash,  IN 46992 ● (000) 544-7477 ● jay.sullivan @ email . com


Passengers’ Safety First

SUMMARY: Friendly, dutiful and competent bus driver with 5+ years’ proven track record of safely transporting passengers and assisting them in the loading and unloading of baggage. Exceptional time management skills and commitment to safety by putting passengers first. Hands-on experience in performing vehicle inspections prior to and after the trip, completing inspection reports on time and keeping statistical data on passengers and performing basic maintenance duties in parking services. Adept at timely fueling buses, removing debris, turning in lost and found items and reporting suspicious activities during bus routes or in parking premises.


• Parking Facility Maintenance • Preventative Maintenance
• Efficient Routing • GPS and Navigation
• Traffic and Safety Rules • Route Sheets Management
• Safety Inspections • CPR and First Aid
• Intercity Routing Efficiency • Highway Rules Conformity
• Road Crises Management • Special Needs Assistance

• Successfully protected a specially adapted bus, filled with disabled students, from collision into debris on the road with the help of defensive driving practices.
• Responsible for reducing delays resulting from break downs, by 60%, on account of regular safety inspections on vehicles and adaptive equipment.
• Assisted in the investigation and arrest of a criminal suspect by retrieving data from consistently maintained log of ridership.
• Hold impeccable record of diligently reporting suspicious circumstances in parking facilities and on the bus with a 45% incident rate of accosting hazardous activity

MARION COMMUNITY SCHOOLS, Wabash, IN (6/2014 to Present)
Bus Driver
• Provide transport to students and staff between campuses
• Supervise students with special needs on the bus to make sure they are safe/settled
• Operate hydraulic lift for students with special needs to board the bus
• Report to the parking services in charge and receive directions from the lead driver
• Enter schedule logs into the Data Management System
• Communicate with students administrative staff to synchronize students’ transport needs
• Perform safety inspection on buses and adaptive equipment and complete repairs as required
• Coordinate students’ schedules and maintain logs of those utilizing bus services
• Communicate with admin staff regarding vehicle repairs
• Map short and safe routes using standard maps and GPS

GRANT COUNTY FAMILY YMCA, Wabash, IN (1/2010 to 5/2011)
• Greeted students and staff members as they embarked and disembarked the bus
• Assisted in finding seats and seating staff members and students appropriately
• Ascertained that every passenger is properly strapped in according to bus safety rules
• Provided special support to passengers with special needs by ensuring that they are safe and properly secured in their seats
• Assisted in loading and unloading passengers’ bags on and off the bus


Indiana State Class C CDL with Passenger Endrosement

High School Diploma