Bus Driver Job Description for Resume

Updated September 14, 2018

Position Overview

Bus drivers do more than just drive buses. Apart from picking up passengers and delivering them to their destinations, bus drivers are expected to ensure that their vehicle is maintained appropriately.

That may include both regular and preventative maintenance on a regular basis as driving a bus comes with a lot of responsibility since the driver is responsible for so many lives.

Bus drivers drive a multitude of vehicles including transit buses, long-route buses and of course school buses which comes with additional responsibility.

Depending on each bus driver’s job description, he may be expected to provide tickets and also assist with loading and unloading luggage. School bus drivers are also responsible for managing an orderly bus in terms of maintaining students’ behavior.

Before embarking on a journey, a bus driver is expected to look over the bus to ensure that everything is in order. This may include looking at small things like working seat belts to the more significant issues like tires and engine. Let us now look at some details of bus drivers’ job descriptions in conjunction with their settings.

A coach driver will drive a bus for people going on a chartered trip or a vacation. Here the driver is responsible for assisting with luggage and seating for passengers.

An intercity bus driver will transport passengers from one city to another.

A local transit bus driver will follow the same route each day within the city and will give out tickets and announce stations. A school bus driver will transport students from school to the bus station and vice versa while managing their behavior and ensuring their security at all times.

Position Requirements

A bus driver need do not need any formal education except a high school diploma.

There are, however, skills that are needed to perform his job appropriately which may include knowledge of the GPS system and using maps along with the ability to ensure safe driving.

Bus drivers usually chart out a route before they leave which helps them in managing transit through the less busy roads of the city.


 Job Description for Bus Driver Resume

• Checked the bus tires, lights, and oil before departure

• Performed basic maintenance

• Picked up and dropped off passengers at different locations

• Followed a predetermined route on a schedule

• Helped disabled travelers get on and off the bus

• Kept passengers clued-up of likely delays

• Replied passengers’ queries regarding schedules, routes, and transfer points

• Reported any disruptions to a central dispatcher