The job of a police officer requires various skills such as handling emergency situations, monitoring detained and suspected criminals and responding timely to help calls. These tasks require extraordinary physical fitness, self defense training, conflict resolution skills and cultural awareness. Knowing a second language such as Spanish is also a plus.

Many skills need to be mastered before a candidate apply for a police officer job. Following are some sample skills of a police officer which are categorized broadly and are presented below in form of labeled sections for reader’s convenience. These statements will be very helpful for job seekers to build an awesome resume.


Sample Skills for Police Officer Resume

• Proficient in criminal investigation and victim interviewing
• Trained in self defense and usage of police weapons
• Special talent for evidence gathering and making arrests
• Competent at case filing for court hearings and well practiced in court testifying

• Demonstrated ability to gather and file relevant data and information regarding the individual with complaint
• Skilled in forwarding emergency requests to relevant area officers and responding to emergency telephone calls

Public Dealing
• Adept at talking to general public politely and respectfully
• Proven ability to demonstrate assertiveness and integrity
• Known for maintaining discipline while dealing with mobs
• Track record of handling culturally diverse populations in trouble with compassion and understanding

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Competent at coordinating with patrol officers via wireless device
• Able to write reports and fill inventories while going off duty on daily basis
• Exceptional presentation skills and experiences in spreading awareness regarding criminal activities and safety practices among general public

• Proven ability to categorize incoming information and creating an instant mental picture
• Skilled in preparing case history for criminal cases
• Exceptional observational skills
• Committed to pay attention to minute details that might come in handy during criminal case proceedings at a later stage
• Insightful thinking leading to valuable crime preventive measures

• Exceptional sense of hearing and a sharp vision
• Ability to run fast and remain standing for up to five or six hours