Ambulance Dispatcher Resume Sample

Updated on: April 19, 2022

When it comes to ambulance dispatcher resume writing, there are very few choices that one has. 

Projecting your best side to a potential employer cannot possibly be easy, especially since you have a lot of perspectives to attend to.

Since the resume has many sections that one needs to gratify, it is important to highlight your skills in each of them. How this can be done?

Here is an Ambulance Dispatcher Resume example to help you:

Sample Resume for Ambulance Dispatcher Position

Justin Lakewood
49 E Brown Street
Blairsville, PA 50252 
(000) 435-2322
justlake @ email . com


Self-motivated and dependable individual, known for exceptional skills in determining the nature of medical emergencies by listening intently, and providing ambulance dispatch services accordingly. High standard of ethical conduct, along with the ability to communicate clearly and articulately.


  • First-hand experience in responding to emergency calls by quickly grasping the urgency, while taking caller information
  • Demonstrated expertise in dealing with emotive incidents from all types of callers, including distressed and angry callers
  • Well-versed in negotiating responses, including timescales and resources, with healthcare professionals
  • Deep familiarity with using appropriate trust reporting mechanisms in cases of adverse incidents


Ambulance Dispatcher
Care Medical Transportation, Blairsville, PA 
5/2015 – Present

Key Achievements

  • Successfully managed to save the life of a victim of domestic assault, who had called in for assistance, by providing her with crucial medical information until the ambulance arrived.
  • Implemented a “one-button” emergency dispatch system, which decreased ambulance dispatch time by 55%

Key Responsibilities

  • Respond to incoming calls by interviewing callers to determine their medical emergencies
  • Determine the type of emergency while taking notes, and provide callers with information on immediate handling of their situation
  • Contact ambulance services in an immediate manner and provide information on the nature and location of the medical emergency
  • Translate provided information into appropriate codes and update it into the system
  • Assign a level of priority to each call and ensure that this information is inputted into the dispatch system
  • Monitor and track the location of the dispatched emergency vehicle and keep callers updated
  • Identify appropriate types of medical emergency equipment or apparatus that needs to be sent with the ambulance
  • Create and maintain records of incoming calls and ensure that they are kept confidential and backed up frequently

Tokia’s Emergency Services, Blairsville, PA
2/2006 – 5/2015

Key Achievements

  • Devised and implemented a dynamic call recording system, reducing call quality issues tremendously
  • Suggested introduction of a status monitoring system, the implementation of which proved to be beneficial in tracing the exact location of a dispatched ambulance

Key Responsibilities

  • Operated a multiline phone system to receive incoming calls for emergency dispatch
  • Responded to emergent and non-emergent situations over the telephone by providing appropriate advice to callers
  • Assisted in contacting ambulance dispatch services for priority cases, by calling them as a backup to the dispatch system
  • Organized and recorded call information, including recorded calls, in a safe and confidential manner
  • Assisted callers in coping with their situations while waiting for ambulances to arrive

High School Diploma 
Blair High School, Blairsville, PA


  • Call Handling
  • Requirements Determination
  • Emergency Medical Information
  • Status Monitoring
  • Unit Diversion Strategies
  • Unit Movement Control
  • Safety Agencies Coordination
  • Caller Assistance
  • Record-keeping
  • Peripheral Assistance Dispatch
  • Priority Setting
  • Alarm Systems Response