Retail assistants work in a support capacity in retail environments. Their work requires that they perform a multitude of support duties which may include employee schedule management, inventory management and even some customer support.Promotional work inside a retail store is also the responsibility of a store assistant as he is expected to manage store displays. Store assistants are also expected to place orders and ensure the accuracy of those orders and of course manage the inventory and supplies aspects of the job.

Writing a retail assistant cover letter, while you have no experience in hand, is a time consuming task. As you compete many experienced candidates, therefore you need to show your strengths and skills in way to grab the attention of recruiter instantly. Remember, you are all better at certain things than others.

Usually recruiters list the skills they would like to see in a potential candidate, so your cover letter must revolve around their needs to spark their interest. Focus your cover letter on the retail skills gained through your education, internships, and real life experiences. Don’t apologize for the experience you don’t have – just focus on your strengths.

Be specific about your key skills especially those that are directly relevant to the retail sales position. Include a bullet section in the entry level Retail Assistant cover letter that details your core competencies.


Retail Assistant Cover Letter with No Experience


67 Walnut Avenue
Bogota, NJ 78999
Cell: (010) 333-1111

July 3, 2017

Ms. Corrine Cooper
Store Manager
39 Kings Street
Bogota, NJ 67900


Dear Ms. Cooper:

Superb communication skills, ability to build good working relationships with customers and advanced knowledge of retail industry are just a few of the attributes I offer you in the role of a Retail Assistant.

The key proficiencies I possess which directly relate to your job requirements include:

• Good people skills, positive attitude and a high attention to detail

• Demonstrated ability to perform financial transactions operate the cash register

• Well versed in refilling and replenishing stock

• Great aptitude of greeting customers and advising them on product

• Exceptional awareness of security risks in retail environment

• Expert in managing complex inventory operations

I am convinced that my broad knowledge equipped me with a strong set of valuable competencies that meet your needs. I am eager to combine my energy to make a meaningful contribution to the Banbury’s long term goals. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to set up a time to meet.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Sincerely yours,

Eesa Qualie

Enc. Resume