Parks and Recreation Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 4, 2015

Write to inspire- this was once true only for books and newspaper columns. Today it stands true for all the candidacy marketing tools, especially the cover letter. In order to promote your candidacy as the right fit for the job at hand you must come up with a personalized and targeted, employer centered cover letter each time you apply for a vacancy.

Here are a couple of tips to consider while drafting a cover letter:

• Communicate your strengths right upfront! Don’t be shy to highlight a few relevant professional accomplishments that document your potential

• Exhibit whatever you know about the employer. Communicate enthusiasm and keenness for the parks and recreation job and also identify your interest in joining the particular organization you are applying at.

The cover letter given below will serve as an excellent sample.


Parks and Recreation Cover Letter Sample


Ian Mason
346 Orchid Square
Houston, TX 67505
(004) 333-2222
ian . mason @ email . com

November 4, 2015

Mr. Jason Feldman
HR Manager
Diego Recreational Facility
66 Central Avenue
Houston, TX 67505


Dear Mr. Feldman:

‘My job is what millions of people do for recreation. How can you not like that?’

The above quotation by famous golfer Paula Creamer was my inspiration to pursue a career in the parks and recreation arena. After working in the field for 6 long years today, I can proudly admit that I am still glad of my decision and there has not been a single day in my work life that I haven’t enjoyed so far.

I am interested in recreation attendant position at Diego Recreational Facility not only because I am fully qualified for the job but also because being associated with a big name in recreation industry such as yours would definitely be an honor for me. Allow me to highlight my offered strengths as they correlate with your specified job demands:

• Hands-on experience in greeting patrons, registering them and guiding them to the desired section
• Current American Red Cross life guard, BCLS and first aid certification
• Profound ability to ensure patrons’ safety by implementation of defined SOPs
• Apt at maintaining the facility in a neat and clean condition
• Fully familiar with basic recreational equipment operation and maintenance protocols

Given the combination of above highlighted experience and competencies, I believe myself to be a resourceful and professional candidate who can prove to be a highly capable member of your recreational facility.

I would like to meet with you in person in order to explore the vacancy further and establish my candidacy. I shall call your office coming Monday to answer any queries you may have regarding my background and possibly to obtain an interview date. Should you need to speak earlier, feel free to contact me at (004) 333–2222.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Ian Mason

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