Parks and Rec Program Coordinator Skills for Resume

Updated: August 13, 2018

Writing a Parks and Rec Program Coordinator resume or a cover letter does not only require you to look at the format and structure. You also have to pay attention to the information that goes into it – especially, skills information.

Each Parks and Rec Program Coordinator resume should have a dedicated skills section in it. And if you want the hiring manager to look at your candidature in kindness, you have to make sure that the skills section is properly filled out.

Skills statements need to be part of your resume – they are important because hiring managers gauge what you are capable of doing through them. True, the experience section provides vital information about what you have done in the past, but if you don’t mention skills that you have used to make it happen, you will be at the losing end. Creating skills statements can be a bit difficult. You have to derive the right type of information and use just the right words and phrases to make it come alive in your resume. The skills section allows you to write as many statements as you want, but it is best if you stick to no more than six. After all, you do not want to bore the hiring manager with too much information!

Some examples of skills statements for parks and recreation program coordinator are provided below:

Parks and Rec Program Coordinator Skills

• Demonstrated expertise in planning and coordinating parks and recreation programs, and evaluating them to meet the dynamic needs of participants.
• Deeply familiar with performing duties to increase awareness of parks and recreational programs through development and implementation of strategic marketing plans.
• Highly skilled in developing and implementing strategic goals, objectives, and outcomes for the purpose of building awareness.
• Experienced in planning, coordinating, and executing annual special events programs to celebrate the unique aspects of the park.
• Proven ability to engage with community groups, partners, and government agencies, aimed at establishing lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.
• Adept at coordinating, developing, maintaining, and using partnerships to help expand programming capacity to help create more opportunities that appeal to participants.
• Proficient in evaluating community and program data for inclusion and equality aimed at identifying cultural and demographic need of the program.
• Well-versed in managing multiple recreational programs and special activities, aimed at meeting the diverse needs of participants.
• Competent in creating and maintaining the inventory of supplies and equipment, and assisting in ordering supplies and equipment for recreation projects.