Grocery Cashier Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: March 21, 2017

Would you believe it if we told you that a cover letter written for an entry level position can be a great charmer? Believe it! Experience is a relative term and does not always count when applying for a job. Unless an employer specifically states that he or she is looking for someone experienced, it is alright to apply for a job for which you have no experience, but do possess interest. Your skills and interest will count far more than experience in a situation such as this, so do not lose heart.

Cover letters are great communication tools. They say a lot more than a resume can simply because they concentrate on what an individual can do, and not just what he has done in the past. Cover letters are always employer-focused. If you write one that concentrates on your wants and needs, it will probably be a failure. Need a sample to look through? Here it is!


Grocery Cashier Cover Letter No Experience


March 21, 2017

Mr. Ray Hernandez
Hiring Manager
9989 Life Way
Placerville, CA 55252


Dear Mr. Hernandez:

During a summer internship program at Delvi’s Supermarket, I was provided with great exposure to the retail world and all the challenges that it has to offer. Since my role was mainly in the grocery section of the supermarket, I believe that applying for a position as a grocery cashier at K-Mart will be quite apt.

Spending time on the till, I am aware of operating cash registers efficiently in order to process both cash and credit card payments. Owing to thorough understanding of handling cash register discrepancies, and a strong ability to resolve them so that the cash drawer is accurately balanced at the end on my shift, I have been credited with appreciation several times. Completely comprehending that good customer service is the backbone of any retail setting, I strive hard to make customers happy, and help the company enjoy recurrent business opportunities. Additionally, I have just the right plan to increase K-Mart’s clientele, which I would love to share with you.

If we can have a face to face meeting, I will be able to highlight my skills as a grocery cashier in a more profound manner. I will be in touch to see if an available time slot on your calendar can be secured for an interview.



Lisa Hayden

(000) 474-7574