Meter Reader Duties and Responsibilities for Resume

Updated on May 14, 2019

Meter readers usually work with utility companies where they perform many jobs that are associated with billing and collection.

Primarily working in companies that sell electricity, gas or water, meter readers are entrusted with handling connections, disconnections and reading utility meters to gauge the number of units consumed by customers.


Skills and Abilities

To work as a meter reader, one needs to be able to handle simple calculations along with possessing the ability to use technology to one’s benefit.

Meter readers need to be able to work with different tools and instruments such as handheld units.


Position Requirements

Apart from holding a high school diploma or a GED, a meter reader is also required to complete an operator qualification program in order to qualify for this position.

One of the major tasks of a meter reader is to interpret meters in order to provide the company with information that they can use for billing purposes.

Troubleshooting meters is another very important part of a meter reader’s job. In case he finds a meter that is not working properly, he is required to either fix it or replace it. 


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Sample Duties and Responsibilities for Meter Reader Resume

• Install water, electricity and gas meters in accordance to company specified standards

• Test meters to ensure that they are working properly and are without defect

• Make sure that meters are reset properly before they are used for the first time

• Disconnect meters when residents leave the premises or in the event of default payments

• Arrange for appointments with residents in case of any problems with meters installed inside the building

• Report broken meters and fix them following standardized procedures

• Report any signs of tampering with meters to the company

• Ensure proper measures are taken to investigate meter tampering and provide superior with reports

• Arrange meter numbers in accordance with residents’ names and addresses

• Verify meter readings in accordance with units consumed

• Respond to complaints about meters and take measures to address them

• Change meter cartridges and perform needed maintenance

• Ensure that meter box keys are secured appropriately and report any lost keys immediately

• Report and address meter impediments and damage to the authorities

• Replace faulty meters on an immediate basis

• Ensure that meter readings are verified especially in case of abnormal consumption

• Respond to customers’ questions regarding services and charges

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