Artistic Director Resume Example

Updated on: July 29, 2017

There are a number of ways in which you can put a positive impression on a hiring authority, but the most effective is through a resume.

Since resumes are comprehensive documents, they provide a lot of leeway for you to say a lot about yourself.


The following resume sample does this too:




Artistic Director Resume Sample



Farrah Graham

570 Divisadero Street, Fresno, CA 61175
(000) 582-4521
farr.gra @ email . com


Performance Profile
Aesthetically blessed artistic director with 7+ years’ extensive experience in conceiving, developing and implementing the creative vision and focus of a theater company. Highly skilled in development of ongoing development of aesthetic values and activities.

• Hires, supervises and evaluates artistic personnel, such as directors, performers and stage managers
• Competent in developing, implementing and evaluating artistic programs for assigned periods of time
• Exceptionally well-versed in promoting and celebrating work which represents the diverse culture of specific places and people.
• Proven ability to efficiently organize rehearsal schedules and conduct auditions as required

Professional Skills

✓ Creative Direction ✓ Performance Evaluation
✓ Guest Artists Integration ✓ Workshop Presenters Identification
✓ Audition and Selection ✓ Outreach and Communications
✓ Concerts Planning ✓ Background Score Research
✓ Theme Designing ✓ Musicians Liaison
✓ Volunteers Supervision ✓ Narrative Writing


Artistic Director
Pigeonhole Events, Fresno, CA | 8/2013 – Present
• Organize and approve annual performance schedules including concerts and plays.
• Create and implement rehearsal schedules and ensure that all participants adhere to them.
• Conduct auditions on a regular basis to discover and acquire talent for concerts and plays.
• Design performances including theme development and integration of guest artists and soloists.
• Oversee the selection of composers and performers and provide necessary training to them.
• Direct programmed productions according to the specific tastes and interests of targeted audiences.
• Manage communications and logistics for community performers, and supervise volunteers .
• Write narratives and scripts for concerts and plays, in accordance with the theme and feel of the event .

Selected Accomplishments
• Presented the Life of Shakespeare, a one of its kind biographical play, which received great accolades from the audience.
• Conducted over 500 plays and concerts in 6 different states, all of which were sold out.

Artistic Director
Fresno Art Company, Fresno, CA | 2/2010 – 8/2013
• Coordinated efforts to ensure that all performers such as actors and musicians were on the same page regarding events
• Assisted creative and artistic directors in planning the logistics of events such as concerts and plays
• Provided support in writing scripts and handling communication between directors and performers
• Assisted in identifying event themes and preparing for them through research and resource development work
• Secured new arrangements and performance rights and assisted in preparing annual budgets

Selected Accomplishments
• Wrote the narrative for a particularly tricky play, which received the highest national artistic award in the country.
• Secured the services of 100 musicians for a particularly large concert, which was considered a high success, and earned 50% more than what was expected.

California State University, Fresno, CA – 2009
Bachelor’s Degree in Music