Video Game Designer Resume Sample

Updated on: April 3, 2019

When applying for a video game designer position, make sure that your resume is as creative as the games that you intend to make.

Of course, you cannot embellish your resume with colors and funny fonts – but your content should be creative.



As a video game designer, your focus should be on your ability to handle the various stages of video games design and development.

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And this should be painted in black and white on your resume.

Here is a sample:





Video Game Designer Resume Sample



Emery Edwood
588 Teal Road SE, Long Beach, CA19987
(000) 325-2597


Video game designer, with over 8 years of experience in developing and designing video games for different platforms. Highly skilled in determining clients’ specific design requirements, and providing them with suggestions. Exceptionally talented in keeping up with industry trends in video games.


Needs Assessment

Industry Trends

Quality Assurance

Design Technology

Prototype Testing

Gameplay Testing

Storyline Writing

Design Feedback

Changes Incorporation

Discussion Guidance

Features Implementation

Communication Plans


  • Introduced a unique prototype testing system, as a result, reduced bugs by 50%.
  • Implemented gameplay testing, hence, decreased problems associated with designs.
  • Wrote 90% of the stories for all assigned games, receiving positive client feedback.
  • Ensured 100% quality control on all assigned video game development projects.


Video Game Designer
Gamers Inc., Long Beach, CA | 2013-present

  • Confer with clients to determine their specific game development requirements.
  • Provide suggestions regarding layouts, characters, and prototypes.
  • Formulate new and appealing game ideas and experiment with themes and genres.
  • Develop maps and scenarios, as well as difficulty levels.
  • Determine the different ways in which games can be won and lost.
  • Use creativity to design games for different platforms such as consoles and phones.
  • Conduct market research in order to determine competitive advantage.
  • Develop and test prototypes, and perform debugging tasks.
  • Make adjustments to existing games upon clients’ instructions.
    • Write scripts and stories.
  • Test end products in order to determine their conformance to quality standards.

Video Game Story Writer
Concept Developers, Long Beach, CA | 2011-2013

  • Created a storyline in accordance with clients’ specifications.
  • Provided clients with ideas on stories and characterizations.
  • Developed characters and props to be used in different games.
  • Created levels, and provided descriptions for each level.
  • Made changes to existing stories, or extended stores as required.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences
California State University, Long Beach, CA – 2009


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