Video Game Designer Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 4, 2022

Video game designing is an exciting position that will allow you to live your dream job.

But you have to convince the hiring manager that you have it in you to be considered a good person to hire.

As a video game designer, your cover letter should focus on your knowledge of designing games for different platforms, such as consoles, phones, tablets, and games arena boxes.

In addition, you should highlight what your specific skills are – for instance, you may want to work specifically in storyline development, or characterization.

You have to highlight your interest. Of course, it is imperative to focus on your knowledge of the tools that you will be using in order to design different video games.

Also, write about your knowledge of industry trends, and how you intend to keep up with them.

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The following video game designer cover letter sample will help by giving you ideas to write your own:

Video Game Designer Cover Letter Sample

Gail Foster
(000) 158-1758
[email protected]

May 4, 2022

Mr. Henry Hastings
Human Resources Manager
Control Systems Inc.
600 Spring Road
San Jose, CA 10020

Dear Mr. Hastings:

Ever since I played my first video game, I have aspired to be a video game designer. A degree in computer sciences and 5 years of experience in layout design has made it possible for me to realize my dreams. I have now been working as a video games designer for 2 years, with many successful projects to my name.

Owing to my inherent ability to determine clients’ specific game development requirements, I always provide them with prototypes according to their wishes. My knowledge of developing storylines, characters, weapons, props, and layouts is exceptional. And I make it a point to follow instructions when making specific changes to games, so that they meet standards, and changes are seldom repeated.

Perhaps my most recent accomplishment is the Fight for Defense game, specifically designed for both Android and IOS, which recorded 90,000 downloads within the first week of its launch. With my ability to handle complex game design demands, I am positive that I will be an excellent resource for your organization.

It would be great to meet with you in person in order to provide you with a more detailed view of my experience and accomplishment as a video game designer. I will remain in contact with your department in order to set up an interview time.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Gail Foster
(000) 158-1758

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