Top 20 Bookkeeper Skills Statements for Resume

Updated on: April 27, 2022

Writing the skills section in a bookkeeper resume is as important as an experience section.

This is because employers do not only want to know what you have done in a previous position.

They also want to know what skills you possess that will help you handle bookkeeping tasks regardless of prior experience.

Skills are not merely inherent abilities; you must rely on your knowledge of a particular job and how you can apply your skills in using that knowledge to further business or handle a situation. Sounds easy?

Well, to be honest writing your skills need a specific ability too – merely listing them will not do. 

This means that if you want to write that you are an analytic person, you need to specify what you can achieve with your analytic mindset.

To understand this better, let us take the example of a bookkeeper’s skills.

What types of skills will a person work as a bookkeeper list on his resume?

Here are 20 sample skills statements for your guidance.

Sample Skills List for Bookkeeper Resume

  1. Exceptional knowledge of basic and advanced accounting procedures.
  2. Demonstrated ability to provide payroll and bank reconciliation support.
  3. Analytic mind aimed at effectively handling bookkeeping discrepancies.
  4. Highly skilled in using technology to support bookkeeping activities.
  5. Proficient in Quick-books and spreadsheet software.
  6. Exceptional attention to detail targeted at following through with financial commitments.
  7. Knowledge of principles and practices of bookkeeping activities.
  8. Keen understanding of financial accounting systems and related procedures.
  9. Well-versed in handling numerical totals and balances and verifying accounting information.
  10. Ability to handle a multitude of bookkeeping tasks at the same time without compromising on quality or work.
  11. Strong background in preparing and maintaining periodic bookkeeping reports.
  12. Comprehensive understanding of tax-related computations and worksheets.
  13. Exceptional finger dexterity aimed at handling data entry tasks associated with bookkeeping.
  14. Orderly thinking, targeted at managing the various aspects of the bookkeeping world.
  15. Knowledge of handling accounting procedures and operating business machines.
  16. Keen know-how of financial concepts and investment principles.
  17. Able to handle billing and invoicing procedures effectively.
  18. Expert in using adding machines and scientific calculators to handle complex calculations.
  19. Track record of meeting bank deposit requirements and managing accounts payable and receivable tasks effectively.
  20. Well-versed in calculating depreciation and employing critical thinking in handling error-correction activities.

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