Jewelry Designer Job Description and Duties

Updated on: April 27, 2022

Beautiful gems set in gold and silver are every woman’s dream.

We all give great credit and praise to jewelry designers who think up creatively to make these designs.

However, we tend to overlook the fact that every jewelry designer begins as a junior designer and then goes up the ladder by learning the trade.

These professionals make a lot of effort to ensure that you can buy the aesthetically pleasing jewelry pieces that your heart desires.

Jewelry designers are usually employed to design small pieces of jewelry or those that do not require a lot of precision.

Depending on what their specific orders are, they take orders for mass production of jewelry pieces or a small number of them.

No matter what order they receive, they need to practice precision in order to produce neat pieces.

If you are interested in finding out what other tasks jewelry designers perform (most of their work duties overlap with seasoned jewelry designers), have a look at the following:

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Jewelry Designer Duties and Responsibilities

• Hold meetings with clients in order to understand their specific jewelry requirements

• Provide consultation to clients and recommend contemporary designs

• Make stenches of designs in order to determine how a design will look

• Show sketched designs to clients and take feedback

• Ensure that designs are tweaked according to feedback and clients’ instructions

• Make a plan of action once the design is decided on

• Perform mounting duties by creating a framework for the piece of jewelry decided upon

• Ensure that metal drilling activities are performed in marked places where gems need to be inserted

• Handle casting (model making) duties and decorate jewelry as instructed in the work plan

• Perform stamping, chasing, and presswork duties

• Solder and fabricate jewelry pieces together in order to give them the required shape

• Set stones in predefined spaces and ensure that they are adjusted properly

• Weld different pieces of set jewelry together in order to make sure that it becomes one piece

• Fuse powdered glass to metal by using enameling techniques

• Engrave pieces of jewelry following customers’ instructions

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