Tips to Get a PCT Job (Complete Guide)

Updated on: May 27, 2022

A Patient Care Technician (PCT) gives compassionate care to patients or residents in hospitals, nursing homes, or other healthcare facilities.

A PCT helps patients with activities such as taking blood pressure, reading the thermometer, and sometimes even personal hygiene.

You might have to help the person eat, and perhaps even shop for groceries. Some PCTs also do a little light cooking.

Patient Care Technician jobs in the medical line of work are on the rise. It is a worthwhile and satisfying job; you will be valued, and by utilizing your compassionate skills you can make a real difference for those in need.

After writing an effective resume for PCT and a successful PCT Cover Letter, you’ll need to follow these ways these guidelines to find and get a PCT job:

How to Get a PCT Job

1. Get a Certification

Certification is crucial. In some places, you don’t need one. But, if you don’t have one, you won’t advance your career in the field, and your salary will be low as compared to certified professionals.

2. Search Online

Nowadays, the best way to look for a patient care technician job is to do an online search. Visit and search for a job in your desired location. As PCTs have different job titles in different places, so beware of the fact that PCA (patient care assistant) and CNA (certified nursing assistant) is basically similar job.

3. See Local Newspapers

Look at the wanted ads in the local newspapers and magazines.

4. Contact a recruitment agency

Don’t forget the job placement agency near you. They can refer you to someone on their panel. Also, they will help you improve the content of your job application documents.

5. Networking

Don’t forget the importance of networking! Some organizations don’t advertise; they headhunt, even though this is usually done at a higher level, you never know.

If you know anyone in the healthcare field, talk to them. Ask if they know of any PCT jobs currently available. They may also recommend you for a job.

6. Work as a Volunteer

Many hospitals want volunteers to run their day-to-day operations. One perfect way of getting experience is to work as a volunteer, then put this valuable experience on your resume.