Dentist Skills for Resume

Updated on: April 19, 2019

There is no way that you can consider a resume for a dentist position to be complete unless the skills section is present.

This will show the hiring manager what your capabilities are in the role of a dentist. And will eventually help decide how great a contender you are for the job.


However, writing the skills section on a dentist resume is notoriously difficult.

It becomes a bit difficult to separate duties from skills. The duty would be when you cleaned patients’ teeth. A skill would be a wonderful way in which you cleaned a patient’s teeth. So, there is a difference.

It is important to realize that your skills as a dentist will be considered highly before calling you in for an interview.

You must highlight all your abilities, including knowledge of using the right instruments, and capability of performing difficult dental procedures.

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Here is a list of skills that a dentist can use on his or her resume:


Dentist Skills for Resume

• Highly experienced in checking patients’ teeth and gums, in order to determine dental problems.

• Demonstrated expertise in engaging patients in conversation to calm them down.

• Effectively able to provide procedural information to patients as part of their education.

• Well-versed in determining the right instruments to use when performing dental procedures.

• Deeply familiar with performing procedures such as cleaning, scaling, and polishing.

• Talented in handling complex dental processes such as root canals, and dental implants.

• Unmatched ability to repair cracked or fractured teeth.

• Proficient in straightening teeth by installing braces.

• Adept at taking and examining x-rays of teeth and gums in order to determine oral problems.

• Competent in taking measurements of teeth, and making models for dentures and implants.

• Qualified to instruct patients in the use of cleaning instruments in order to ensure proper dental hygiene.

• Well-versed in talking to patients in order to figure out there specific dental problems.

• Proven ability to perform dental procedures such as extractions and cavity fillings.

• Solid track record of effectively correct overcrowding and bite issues.

• Exceptionally talented in applying helpful agents to teeth, such as sealants and whiteners.

• Knowledge of prescribing the right medicines for dental problems and oral pain.

• Expert in educating patients about different dental care procedures, for example, cleaning, brushing and flossing.

• Ability to perform preventative and regular maintenance on dental procedures.

• Highly skilled in maintaining records of patients’ oral health, and procedure information.

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