Dental assistants provide dentists with support in routine dental procedures and office work. They usually work in dental facilities but may also be found working in hospitals that provide dental treatment services. Apart from providing chairside help to dentists, they are required to perform clerical and administrative work which may include scheduling appointments and providing front desk services.

Since this is a support role, dental assistants are required to possess exceptional customer service skills as they are usually the first point of contact for patients entering into a facility.

People applying at this position will need to create a targeted objective statement for their resume.

Sample Objectives for Dental Assistant Resume 

• Skilled and energetic Dental Assistant seeking a position with Aspen Dental. Offers strong background in 4-handed dentistry, effective communication skills and a complete knowledge of dental treatment procedures to increase patients’ satisfaction.

• To provide effective chair-side support to Dentists in the role of a Dental Assistant at Heartland Dental Care. Bringing exceptional customer service acumen and complete knowledge of dental terminology.

• Results-driven individual seeking a Dental Assistant position at the Dental Aesthetic. Bringing 5-plus-year track record in complex dental therapeutics, infection control techniques and preventive care to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of dental facility.

• Looking for a Dental Assistant position at Sava Dental Facility. Eager to utilize experience in oral surgery and extraction, dental treatment room procedures and radiography techniques and procedures.

• To obtain a position as a Dental Assistant at the Smile Center. Offering expertise in providing dental care instructions to patients and providing above-par administrative care to the office.

• Desire a Dental Assistant position with DDS Dental Center where I may be able to make the most of my sound judgment of dental emergencies and sound knowledge of oral and dental anatomy.

• Seeking a Dental Assistant position with The Dental Clinic utilizing 8 years of hands-on experience in sustaining patient comfort, managing supplies and maintaining schedules.

• To work with Heartland Dental Care as a Dental Assistant making the most of a positive and outgoing personality, outstanding communication skills and excellent dental care capability.