RDH Resume Objectives

Updated on: September 30, 2016

As an employer, what do you like reading when you a pick up a resume? The right answer is an objective statement. So, as an applicant, what should you concentrate on primarily when the preparing a resume? The correct answer is again the objective. A resume without an objective is considered bland – and employers do not have much taste for bland things.

Give your resume the spice that it requires to entice an employer to read not just your objective, but the entire resume as well. The objective is a great way of making sure that your resume does not go into the archives. You have spent a lot of time and effort in creating a resume and you certainly don’t want it to go to waste. How do you make sure that your resume is indeed read and considered for the position for which you have applied? You make your resume objective is worth a read.

There is a lot of evidence suggesting that resume objectives create or break impressions. First impressions last – and first impressions are definitely last ones. So think hard when writing an objective. Make sure that it is in sync with what you are detailing in the rest of the resume. Here are some examples:

RDH Resume Objectives

• Seeking a Registered Dental Hygienist position at The Dental Practice bringing 4-plus-year track record of determining oral health hygiene issues, and providing correlating treatments.

• Results-oriented Registered Dental Hygienist looking for a position at May’s Dental Practice. Offers expertise in evaluating overall health of each patient and providing insight into required dental procedures.

• Desire a Registered Dental Hygienist position at Aspen Dental. Bringing complete comprehension of developing dental health programs in conjunction with patients’ medical and dental histories.

• Dedicated and qualified Registered Dental Hygienist seeking a position at Highmark Health. Documented success in determining periodontal diseases, including mouth cancer by employing advanced dental screening procedures.

• Registered Dental Hygienist with over 3 years of experience of working in busy dental facilities eager to work for Coast Dental Services. Offering competencies in performing accurate oral health assessments, and creating and implementing correlating oral health care plans.

• To work as a Registered Dental Hygienist with Kronos Dental Den applying exceptional skills in assessing patients’ oral health conditions, documenting risk assessments, and performing periodontal screening according to established protocols.

• Competent and experienced Registered Dental Hygienist looking for a position at Dental Health Associates using talents in handling oral healthcare along with ensuring that patients are educated about procedures and outcomes of each dental procedure.