Entry Level Orthodontic Assistant Cover Letter With No Experience

Updated on: December 30, 2022

Whether you want to apply for an orthodontic assistant position because you have just obtained training in it, or as a career change option, your cover letter needs to sing praises for you.

The opening of your cover letter should hook the reader from the very beginning. This is possible if you start writing in a unique way.

Particularly, an orthodontic assistant’s cover letter should begin with a clear introduction of who you are, and what you bring to the table. In this case, you can mention your chairside and administrative skills. Then, explain why you want to work for the dental facility, by intelligently complimenting the employer.

At the entry-level, employers are okay with not having experience. But you must be eager to learn, which is why training in orthodontics is required.

Referring to what you learned during the training period will bring you one step close to your goal, which is to gain an interview.

Orthodontic Assistant Cover Letter With No Experience

Craig Hanson
(000) 100-1009
[email protected]

December 30, 2022

Mr. Mason Childs
Human Resources Manager
Chestnut Dental Facility
10 Gulf Road
Mobile, AL 19733

Dear Mr. Childs:

As a passionate Orthodontic Assistant who has the ability to provide innovative support, decisive action, and impressive results, I am eager to contribute to Chestnut Dental Facility. With recent training in orthodontics and a short internship, I am now fully equipped to work in an assistantship role at your facility.

Working my way through orthodontic training, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as an intern. Specifically, I am well-equipped to support dental care delivery by preparing treatment rooms, educating patients, and ensuring the availability of orthodontic equipment and tools.

In particular, I possess the following qualifications:

  • Assisting orthodontists in the process of treating patients
  • Taking and developing dental radiographs
  • Recording patients’ medical history, and taking and filing vital information
  • Teaching patients about appropriate oral hygiene strategies to improve and maintain oral health

If you believe that my qualifications are of value to Chestnut Dental Facility, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you. I will follow up next week. Thank you for your time in reading my application.


Craig Hanson

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