Customer Service Supervisor Skills for Resume

Updated on: April 1, 2018

A Customer Service Supervisor resume contains different sections, all of which make it complete together. Any that goes missing will have a significant effect on how a hiring manager sees the resume.

One such section is the skills section, which is imperative to look into when writing a resume. Why?

This particular section of a resume makes it a solid document, highlighting all that you are capable of. And this is the information that hiring managers look for primarily, as they need to know what it is that you are capable of doing for them, once they hire you.

Customer Service Supervisor Skills are essential on many levels. If you have a solid skills set, the hiring manager will automatically assume that you have a lot to contribute, leading him or her to accept your resume and cover letter immediately. But you have to make sure that the skills set that you do write is relevant and to the point.

If you have a particular skill that you are proud of, but which has nothing to do with the job for which you are applying, it is not considered a relevant skill. Leave it out. Instead, look for ones that will help hiring managers decide that you are a perfect choice, by telling them that you can do something that they want you to.

For a customer service supervisor resume, the following skills statements will suffice:

Sample Skills for Customer Service Supervisor Resume

• Highly experienced in leveraging assigned teams’ performances, perspectives, and capabilities to improve individual and team efforts.

• Effectively able to build organizational capabilities through recruitment, development, and retention of top talent.

• Demonstrated expertise in establishing and maintaining a high-performance customer service culture within the organization.

• Exceptionally talented in aligning team resources and workloads to maximize productivity to deliver customer requirements.

• Proficient in providing leadership regarding escalated issues and work with functional areas to resolve customers’ complaints and problems.

• Adept at managing metrics, performance criteria, policies and procedures to improve customer service satisfaction.

• Competent in providing team development and motivation to maximize sales opportunities.

• Qualified to observe and evaluate customer service representatives’ performance, and provide feedback and assistance in improving it.

• Documented success in the lead and display a highly skilled team of customer service representatives to ensure delivery of exceptional services.

• Deep familiarity with conducting cause analysis, and provide ongoing recommendations to improve professionalism and customer services.

• Proven ability to proactively assist and implement order process improvements, aiming to provide high-quality services to customers, and ensure repeat business.