Inbound Customer Service Representative Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 14, 2015

Overview and Guidelines

Effective cover letter writing is all about showing initiative. Employers seek customer service professionals who are ready to walk in and start being productive. A candidate who shows interest in the job by exhibiting some knowledge about the current issues being faced by the firm has a better chance of getting seriously considered for the role as compared to other candidates.

• Do not oversell or undersell your candidacy: Claiming what you cannot deliver and ignoring valuable professional accomplishments you have attained in your career, both can equally damage your candidacy. Be real, honest and bold.

• Acknowledge the company’s values: Showing that you know about the firm, what’s important to them and how they work is always a plus. It reflects your seriousness for the job.

Take a look at the following inbound customer service representative cover letter sample.


Inbound Customer Service Representative Cover Letter Sample


Samuel Kline
210 Everest Lane
Tampa, FL 45323
(004) 333 – 2222
samuel @ email . com

November 14, 2015

Mr. Jeffery Thompson
HR Manager
43 Havana Square
Tampa, FL 45323


Dear Mr. Thompson:

Are you looking for an inbound customer service representative who is:

• A team player capable of coordinating effectively with colleagues to generate and maintain a rich pool of information?

• An excellent communicator with profound listening and speaking skills along with proven telephonic conversation etiquette?

• Quick learner with strong ability to quickly analyze the given issue and come up with a pragmatic solution in minimal time lapse?

If yes, you will definitely be interested in my qualifications.

I offer 7+ years of valuable experience as inbound CSR with FMC telecom. I have consistently received the highest customer satisfaction rating for the past 5 years. DUe to my excellent problem solving skills and highly customer oriented work attitude, my employers depend on me to deal with particularly difficult customers.

Working exclusively with inbound customers throughout my career has not only enhanced my technical issue resolution skills but has also polished my ability to calm the customers down and address their queries with swiftness and accuracy. I strongly believe that each CSR is a representative of the firm and must adopt their culture and values in order to portray the same in their telephonic dealing with clients.

I stand ready to adopt your customer-first approach and enrich your caller’s customer service experiences with my well-practiced CSR skills. I would like to see you in person in order to explore the prospect further. Please call me now at (004) 333 – 2222 to communicate an appointment as per your convenience. I shall also follow up this application with you on Monday.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Samuel Kline

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