Customer Service Advisor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 4, 2022

Customer service advisors work in all kinds of industries – where customers are, and there are people to assist them.

Customer Service Advisors are required to maintain the first point of contact with a company’s customers to help them with inquiries, information, and complaints.

When writing a cover letter for a customer service advisor position, the first thing that one should concentrate on is the “feel” of the document.

This includes the content that is part of the cover letter, and the way information flows in it.

A cover letter that lacks flow is not usually successful in getting your message across.

Remember to put in as much usable information about your successes and competencies as possible.

The more that the hiring manager finds out about you, the better he will be able to gauge your worth.

Here is a cover letter example for a customer service advisor resume that will support your job application effectively.

Customer Service Advisor Cover Letter Example

Catherine Hamster
(000) 399-3533

May 4, 2022

Mr. Bruce Quinn
Manager HR
736 Poco Pl
Littleton, CO 88911

Dear Mr. Quinn:

As a keen individual with excellent people skills and exceptional communication insight, I am confident that I am the candidate you are looking for to fill the position of Customer Service Advisor.

As indicated on my resume, I possess a passion for excellence in customer service, and a target-driven approach has been the big reason for my success during my previous jobs. Since I am a results-oriented individual, I can open a dialogue with customers effectively.

Whether it is information dissemination or complaint resolution, I am comfortable handling all – with proficiency and professionalism. Moreover, I possess the ability to consider the implications of all company decisions on the customers and am able to provide the best of services at all times.

I feel confident that my qualifications are an appropriate match for your requirements. I will call your office after a few days, hopefully, to set up an interview and will be available to talk at (000) 399-3533 if you need to contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Catherine Hamster

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