Service Advisor Cover Letter Sample

Updated November 7, 2022
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Service advisors are the first point of contact for customers wanting any type of repair done on their vehicles. Usually working in the automobile industry, these individuals are expected to maintain the standards of customer service.

If you are looking for a service advisor position, you may want to revamp your cover letter by ensuring that you put in your best mechanical acumen information and customer services experience.

Let us see how you can do this.

Service Advisor Cover Letter Example

1265 Leemont Drive
Louisville, KY 66633

November 7, 2022

Mr. John Craft
Manager HR
Techwest Autos
81 Dunkirk Drive
Louisville, KY 63522

Dear Mr. Craft:

It is a great pleasure to apply for the position of Service Advisor at Techwest Autos, as advertised in the Washington Times. I have worked as a Service Advisor for Green Tech for over 7 years, and deem myself an excellent contender for this position. With my sound knowledge base of mechanical work and a sizeable background in working as a first point of contact in the automotive industry, I am quite sure that I can make a substantial contribution to your service department.

My hands-on experience has instilled the capability in me to decipher a customer’s problem by merely interviewing them. Since I am well-honed with all mechanical repair and maintenance procedures, I am confident in advising the most appropriate methods which have resulted in recurring business in my previous place of work. My profound ability to communicate and proactively resolve customers’ issues would let me handle problems in a manner that will bring successful outcomes.

The attached resume shows my qualifications that will help me meet the demands of this position in the most efficient manner. I intend to call your office to see if we might arrange a convenient time to meet and can be reached at (003) 333-3333 if you need to contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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Paul Carter

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