Financial Advisor Cover Letter Sample

Updated: September 8, 2018

What are investments without the input of financial advisors? Would you believe that these people are not in this business to make money themselves only?

They assist their clients so that they can acquire more money from their investments. You will find financial advisors working in companies that provide investment opportunities for their clients. This may include the stock exchange and other such places where savings are at times reborn!

Financial advisors possess excellent knowledge of the economic and political factors of the country that they are working in due to the fact that these factors make investments go up and down. To be able to understand how these changes factor in, an individual needs to be able to determine their importance which comes only with a solid financial background. If you are qualified for this position, then this cover letter will help you acquire a financial advisor position.


Financial Advisor Cover Letter Sample


472 Kate Street
Lake Providence, LA 77777
(902) 999-999

September 8, 2018

Mr. Adam Sandler
Manager Human Resources
Dully Securities
564 Florida Boulevard
Lake Providence, LA 33154


Dear Mr. Sandler:

Working in the financial industry comes with a lot of responsibility which in turn can only be justified with knowledge. I present myself well-qualified individual for the position of a Financial Advisor at Dully Securities owing to a vast and clean performance track record in providing excellent investment services.

While working at Croods Financials, I showed an immense passion for working in the financial sector by ensuring that all clients under my umbrella were provided with the best in financial advice. Owing to my expertise in researching core marketing data and applying economic statutes in order to develop plans based on each individual client’s financial goals and income, I have seen many happy clients commend my expertise.

You have been very kind in taking out the time to review this letter and I appreciate your consideration. I would value a chance to speak with you personally and further highlight my acumen for financial services provision. To follow-up, I will call you after a few days.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Judd Salem

Enc. Resume