2 Admissions Counselor Resume Samples

Updated on: May 4, 2022

Admission Counselors work in academic settings.

 Their role is purely administrative as they are required to manage all aspects of an academic institute’s admission procedures.

If you are looking for a resume sample for this position, the following examples will help you in crafting your very own. 

These samples start with a targeted summary and professional highlights and focus on the qualifications and achievements of the candidate.

Admissions Counselor Resume Sample 1

Patricia Green
928 Hayward Street
Orange, NJ 12002
(000) 458-7415
pat.green @ email . com


Upbeat and positive Admissions Counselor with extensive exposure to serving as the face of academic institutions. Excellent communicator with the ability to meet deadlines and manage multiple projects at the same time, aiming to provide structure to the facility’s admissions procedures.

Efficiently and aptly interviews, counsels and advises prospective students about admissions processes. Remains calm under pressure. Committed to developing and maintaining effective relationships with students.

• Successfully filled all student slots for all assigned programs between the years 2019 and 2021.
• Held 14 informational academic seminars in one year, in three cities within the assigned area.
• Implemented a core student recruitment strategy, which was considered 50% more workable than the one already in place.
• Stayed well within the budget provided for intercity student presentations and admissions fairs.


Admissions Counselor
Chester Technical College, Orange, NJ
12/2014 – Present
• Develop alumni networks by identifying and training successful alumni to assist with student enrollment activities.
• Create and maintain students’ profiles by conducting detailed research and interviewing applicants.
• Provide prospective students with information about admissions procedures and offered courses and programs.
• Respond to prospective students’ questions and concerns, and assist them in completing required documents.
• Convert prospective students into confirmed admissions to maintain target metrics.

Admissions Counsellor
George Brown College, Orange, NJ 
6/2010 – 12/2014
• Assisted prospective students in gathering the necessary information to make informed decisions about their courses and programs.
• Navigated to various processes necessary to enroll in the institution.
• Counseled students by providing them with advice on which programs and courses to take up, according to their interests and academic backgrounds.
• Organized and executed workshops, informational seminars, and special events to provide students in assigned areas with information on offered courses.
• Assisted students in gathering and verifying documents required for admissions processes.

Admissions Office Aide
New Jersey State University, Orange, NJ
2/2003 – 5/2010
• Assisted counselors in preparing information packets for prospective students.
• Performed initial student interviews to gather information about their eligibility.
• Created and maintained student information records, ensuring that they were timely updated.
• Provided support with special events such as university fairs, counseling sessions, seminars, and group presentations.
• Assisted students in arranging for documents required for admissions procedures.

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
New Jersey State University, Orange, NJ – 2002

✓ Student Counseling
✓ Program Support
✓ Budget Oversight
✓ Recruitment Strategies
✓ Goals Setting
✓ Group Presentations
✓ Information Sessions
✓ Academic Support
✓ Record Keeping
✓ Materials Distribution
✓ Enrollment Facilitation
✓ Facility Advocacy

• Microsoft Office Suite
• Customer Relationship Management Systems
• Ability to learn new systems quickly

Admissions Counselor Resume Example 2

Berta Hanger
837 Wyoming
Saint Paul, MN 42332 
(000) 933-9212 


• 13 years of experience working as an Admissions Counselor
• Highly skilled in advising, programming, and working with university students
• Hands-on experience with communicating with students to address inquiries
• In-depth knowledge of common academic protocols used in managing admissions processes
• Proficient in creating liaison with different departments within a university setting
• Computer: MS Office Suite and MS Project
• Bilingual: English and Italian

• Excellent communication skills in English and Spanish
• Proven ability to work flexible hours
• Profound ability to work with individual prospective students
• Great organizational and time management skills
• Demonstrated ability to work long hours


Admissions Counselor
Keiser University, Saint Paul, MN
Jan 2011 – Present
• Formulate a comprehensive admissions application set that covered the entire admissions process without room for errors.
• Provide admissions assistance to university students and new applicants.
• Set up info sessions by maintaining liaison with other institutes and agencies.
• Assist students throughout the admissions process.

Admissions Counselor
Concordia University, Saint Paul, MN
Oct 2007 – Jan 2011
• Introduced and trained admissions personnel on the online admissions processing database thereby reducing paperwork.
• Established relationships with outreach contacts.
• Networked with district schools and universities.
• Represented the university at academic events.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Saint Paul University, Saint Paul, MN
Major: Counseling
GPA: 3.7