Lancome Beauty Advisor Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: June 12, 2022

Beauty advisors at Lancome are required to meet the company’s sales goals (and their own) by offering personalized customer services to ensure recurring business.

Their main work is to provide customers with information on what Lancome product will best suit their skin care goals and what cosmetics they should buy according to their requirements.

Lancome beauty advisors usually work at retail outlets where they are assigned a dedicated beauty counter.

They may also work in dedicated Lancome outlets, performing more or less the same functions.

To work as a beauty advisor at Lancome, one has to have some exposure to beauty products and regimes will be helpful to your case.

Most Lancome beauty advisors are trained in performing makeovers, so it helps if you already know some makeup techniques including contouring, which is a popular beauty trend nowadays.

The most important aspect of this work is building customer relations through follow-up calls and mailings to maintain customer loyalty.

It is imperative for beauty advisors to be pleasant and friendly as they work with a diverse customer base.

A general interest and passion for the beauty industry are also imperative if you want to work in this role and be successful in meeting your goals.

Some of the most important duties of a Lancome beauty advisor include:

Lancome Beauty Advisor Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet customers as they arrive at the beauty counter or shop and inquire into their requirements for beauty products.
• Promote and sell Lancome beauty products to customers by providing them with information regarding use and benefits.
• Respond to customers’ queries on beauty products in a bid to enhance sales.
• Meet or exceed sales targets by indulging in suggestive selling activities.
• Offer extensive beauty information to customers and provide suggestions on specific products to use.
• Inquire into customers’ will to have free makeovers and apply makeup according to their specific face cuts and natural contours.
• Create effective displays of Lancome beauty products and supplies and ensure that any promotional products are given display preference.
• Accept vouchers and ensure the validity of each voucher and gift card before redeeming it.
• Total customers’ purchases and billed amount and process cash and credit card transactions.
• Ensure that there is a sufficient amount of change available at the beginning of each shift.
• Calculate cash at the end of each shift and balance drawers against receipts.
• Handle any exchanges or returns according to company policies and manage complaints with a view to ensuring customer satisfaction.