Customer Service Cover Letter Sample (+7 Writing Tips)

Updated: September 25, 2022
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A cover letter for a customer service resume is the most crucial part of your job application set. This document determines whether a hiring manager will accept your candidacy or not.

Your cover letter should be written in a way that grabs the hiring manager’s interest at first glance.

Customer Service Cover Letter Writing Tips

Here are 7 tips to help you write an excellent customer service cover letter:

  1. Customize your cover letter as per the needs of the employer.
  2. Don’t use Dear Sir / Madam as your salutation.
  3. Address the cover letter to a specific person (who has the authority to hire you) by name.
  4. Mention which customer service role you are applying for, along with an accurate job reference number. That is because companies often advertise multiple positions simultaneously.
  5. Avoid illogical phrases, poor grammar, and typos. In this case, the search committee will consider you as a non-serious candidate.
  6. Avoid aggressive, overconfident, or pushy tone.
  7. Don’t use weak language such as “I feel” or “I believe.” Instead, use positive words such as; “I am confident” or “I am certain.”

Here is a sample cover letter for your guidance

Customer Service Cover Letter Example

Florence Gale
9 Example Street
Bethel, CT 02311
(000) 900-9019
florence @ email . com

September 25, 2022

Ms. Natasha Kirk
Manager Admin & HR
Bloomingdale Stores
2 Quaker Ave
Bethel, CT 02355

Dear Ms. Kirk:

As a results-focused customer service professional, I am applying for a Customer Service Associate role at Bloomingdale Stores. My extensive experience and skills in the customer service arena make me the right candidate. Owing to my ability to provide courteous service and present a positive image of the company, I will become a key member of your customer service team.

As indicated in the enclosed resume, I have a demonstrated ability to greet guests in a friendly manner, efficiently deal with customers of different backgrounds, respond to their concerns and resolve issues, perform verifications, and maintain records. Besides, my education and experience have enabled me to perform administrative work efficiently with minimum or no supervision.

Furthermore, my friendly attitude, coupled with my customer care training, will allow me to analyze the situational factors in a better way. Additionally, I possess excellent computer skills, including the internet, social media, email, MS Office applications, and spreadsheets.

I will contact your office after one week to follow up and set up a date and time for the interview. If you need to contact me in the meantime, please call me on my cell phone at (000) 900-9019.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to meeting with you soon.


Florence Gale

Enc. Resume

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