Diesel Mechanic Skills List for Resume

Updated: July 19, 2019

Diesel mechanics work for workshops and with companies that require constant care of machinery which runs on diesel.

They are required to be hands-on in their work – a machine downtime may mean loss of money to a company, and it is up to a diesel mechanic to ensure that downtime is minimized or avoided if possible.

This can only be done if a diesel mechanic is skilled in his work. A diesel mechanic does not only need to know how to maintain diesel engines but also how to handle the various problems that may arise due to wear and tear.

When you apply for a diesel mechanic job, your interview, resume and cover letter for diesel mechanic resume need to reflect the skills that you have gained through education, apprenticeship, and experience.

In a resume for a diesel mechanic position, make sure that you include all the skills that will pique a prospective employer’s interest.

Many people working as diesel mechanics are trained on the job, but if you have the experience, you may be chosen above the rest.

Good hand-eye coordination, understanding of using measuring devices, and performing preventative maintenance are just some of the skills that a potential employer will want to see on your resume.

See the skills statements which might be included in a resume.

Sample Skills for Diesel Mechanic Resume

• Comprehensive knowledge of troubleshooting and repairing defective parts in diesel engines with the aim of minimizing downtime

• Skilled at hooking up and using computer systems to diesel engines and machinery to determine issues and handling them properly so that they can be used flawlessly throughout the shift

• Able to perform complex preventive maintenance such as tune-ups, front-end alignments, and brake adjustments

• Well-versed in operating related machinery and equipment such as hoists, cranes, and forklifts to assist in handling machine maintenance, troubleshooting and repair work

• Adept at handling hydraulic pressers, seat grinders, floor jacks, compresses, and disassembly jacks to assist in managing the overall mechanics of core machinery

• Exceptional mechanical aptitude aimed at carrying out repair and maintenance work on diesel engines with precision and following industry standards

• Exceptional talent for handling operations in auto, metal and machine shops to keep machinery up and running constantly

• Excellent physical dexterity targeted at lifting and carrying up to 55 lbs from one place to another by employing a safety and following best practices

• Excellent analytic and problem-solving skills aimed at understanding mechanical problems, determining resolutions and employing appropriate solutions

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