Mail Carrier Resume Sample

Updated on: December 18, 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on crafting an impressive mail carrier resume! In this page, you will find a well-crafted sample resume that highlights the key skills, experiences, and qualifications needed to excel in the role of a mail carrier.

A mail carrier plays a vital role in ensuring the efficient and accurate delivery of mail to individuals and businesses. Apart from having exceptional organizational and time management skills, a successful mail carrier also possesses the ability to provide excellent customer service and adhere to strict postal regulations.

This resume sample serves as a valuable reference for mail carriers who want to enhance their existing resumes and looking for guidance on how to create an effective resume.

By studying this sample resume, you will gain insights into the proper structure, formatting, and content to include in your own resume to showcase your skills, experiences, and suitability for the position of a mail carrier.

Remember, a well-constructed resume is the key to capturing the attention of potential employers and increasing your chances of securing the mail carrier position you desire. So, let’s dive in and create a compelling resume that will impress hiring managers and open doors to exciting new opportunities in the postal service industry!

Mail Carrier Resume Example

Kevin Bart
Arlington, MA
(000) 919-9889, Email

Dedicated Mail Carrier Ensuring Timely and Accurate Mail Delivery

Highly motivated and detail-oriented mail carrier with 11 years of experience in handling mail sorting, delivery, and providing exceptional customer service. Strong organizational skills, exceptional attention to detail, and a proven track record of delivering mail accurately and on time. Successfully achieved high customer satisfaction ratings through efficient and friendly customer interactions. Excellent knowledge of postal regulations, mail sorting procedures, and delivery routes, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.


  • Received Employee of the Month award twice for exceptional performance in mail sorting and delivery.
  • Consistently achieved high customer satisfaction ratings of 98% through friendly and efficient customer service.
  • Recognized for outstanding attention to detail in sorting and delivering mail, resulting in a commendation from supervisors.
  • Implemented a new process of organizing mail items, resulting in a 15% reduction in delivery time.


Mail Carrier
Acme Mailing – Arlington, MA
Sep 2015 – Present

  • Sorted and organized an average of 500 mail items daily according to delivery routes, ensuring efficient delivery operations.
  • Successfully delivered mail and packages to an average of 200 residential and commercial addresses daily, meeting delivery deadlines and maintaining a 99% accuracy rate.
  • Obtained signatures for registered, certified, and insured mail items from an average of 50 customers daily, ensuring proof of delivery.
  • Recorded and tracked mail delivery activities using handheld devices, maintaining accurate records for future reference.
  • Responded to an average of 20 customer inquiries daily, providing assistance in a professional and friendly manner.
  • Reported any mail delivery issues or irregularities to supervisors promptly, leading to the resolution of potential problems.

Mailroom Assistant
Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP – New York, NY
Jan 2012 – Sep 2018

  • Received and sorted an average of 300 incoming mail and packages daily, distributing them to the appropriate departments with a 98% accuracy rate.
  • Prepared outgoing mail, ensuring proper packaging and addressing, and achieved an average of 100% on-time delivery.
  • Operated and maintained mailroom equipment such as postage meters and folding machines, minimizing downtime and optimizing efficiency.
  • Assisted in maintaining inventory of office supplies, including envelopes, stamps, and other mailing materials, reducing costs by 10% through efficient inventory management.
  • Collaborated with team members in ensuring smooth and efficient mailroom operations, resulting in a 20% increase in productivity.


  • Excellent knowledge of postal regulations, mail sorting procedures, and delivery routes.
  • Strong physical stamina and ability to carry heavy mail bags and packages.
  • Exceptional attention to detail and accuracy in handling mail, ensuring correct delivery.
  • Proficient in using handheld electronic devices for recording and tracking mail deliveries.
  • Excellent customer service skills, with a friendly and professional demeanor.
  • Ability to work independently and meet tight deadlines.

High School Diploma
ABC School, New York, NY

I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my skills and contribute to your postal service team.

Final Thought

Crafting an impressive resume is the first step towards a successful career as a mail carrier. Tailor your skills, experiences, and qualifications to stand out from the competition. With our comprehensive sample and expert guidance, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on an exciting journey in the postal service industry. Get started on your path to success today!