Kennel Attendant Resume Sample

Updated on: March 21, 2022

There is just one major ingredient one needs to hold the job of a Kennel Attendant, and that is love for animals.

If you cannot love and respect animals, this job is not for you!

Have a look at this resume sample that you can use to apply for this job!


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2. Animal Attendant Resume Sample

Kennel Attendant Resume Example

Cary Grant
32 Franklin Road
Longmeadow, MA 56892
(000) 950-9009

I love and respect living beings.

• Over 13 years of experience working as a Kennel Attendant in busy environments.
• Highly skilled in performing all kinds of animal care duties within a care facility.
• Hands-on experience in managing food and exercise programs for animals in accordance with their individual needs.
• In-depth knowledge of animal vaccinations and basic veterinary functions.


Kennel Attendant
ABC Company – Longmeadow, MA
2013 – Present
• Keep animals clean and free of unpleasant odors
• Feed and bathe animals
• Handle animals by restraining them when needed
• Ensure animal comfort at all times
• Clean cages and walk animals as required
• Observe animals for any inconsistency in behavior
• Implement exercise programs to ensure animal health
Key Achievements
• Organized a Walk for Disabled Dogs the proceeds of which were used to manage disability treatment for dogs suffering from injuries.
• Wrote a booklet on animal care which provided information on each popular pet’s behavior management techniques.

Pet Sitter
Private Capacity – Longmeadow, MA
2009 – 2013
• Fed bird and cat
• Checked and filled the water in the birdcage
• Provided medical care and shots on schedule
• Reported signs of illness, disease, or injury

High School Diploma
Longmeadow High School, Longmeadow, MA

• Excellent physical stamina
• Profound ability to handle and walk big dogs
• Good understanding of standard health care for animals
• Excellent organizational and communication skills
• Ability to multitask