Special Education Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 10, 2015

Applying for a special education teacher assistant position will require you to put in something extra in your job application credentials – especially the cover letter. Why the cover letter specifically? Look at it this way: the resume is pretty much standard and does not provide much leeway for creativity. So you basically have to depend on the cover letter for creativity.

Writing a special education teacher assistant cover letter is all about the employer. Keep this in mind when you write one. Often, we make the mistake of writing content that circulates around our needs. That is not the right thing to do – employers will not take too kindly to this attitude. They want to hire people who are concerned about their employer and show it. How would you show an employer that you have his best interest at heart? By writing a cover letter that is employer-centered.

Content matters. So does the writing style. You will need to amalgamate the two to create something absolutely worthy of reading. Look through communications that people have had with employers. See what you can pick out. Do not copy word for word. Show some originality by picking up the concept and doing the rest yourself.

Below is a cover letter sample for a special education teacher assistant that you can take ideas from:

Special Education Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Sample


Katherine Torres
65 Watson Street
Susanville, CA 27784
(111) 111-1111
Katherine @ email . com

October 10, 2015

Mr. Benjamin Parker
Headstart Special Education
728 North Street
Susanville, CA 20192


Dear Mr. Parker:

The right to education is something that many of us feel strongly about. For me, the right to education for everyone holds more importance. People with special needs deserve a good education just like all of us “normal” people do. With this goal in mind, I have worked as a special education teacher assistant for over five very contributory years.

Some of my accomplishments in the special education assistance arena include:

• Development and integration of special needs modules into regular education programs which brought about increased student response
• Adaptation of mainstream educational modules to teach students with special needs, thereby assisting them in successfully integrating into society
• Introduction of activities-based teaching which resulted in increased learning on the students’ part

Possessing a novel approach to delivery of special education programs, I believe that I will fit well into the present structure of Headstart Special Education in a special education teacher assistant role. We need to meet – I will contact you next Monday to see if you have an available time slot. Until then, I can be reached at (111) 111-1111.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Katherine Torres

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