Youth Counselor Resume Sample & Guidelines

Updated on: June 30, 2020


The secret of a successful youth counselor’s resume is thoroughness. While some people may say at this point that you should leave the information on the resume sparse so that it is easily readable, that is perhaps the worst mistake that you can make.

It is important to make your resume short containing only relevant information.

Leave enough white space between lines and sections but do not compromise on the quality of your content.

Your resume should be formatted like this:

Youth Counselor Resume Sample

Jerry Powell
80 Muth Street, South Amboy, NJ 70002
(999) 999-9999
jerrypowell @ email . com

Youth Counselor

• Self-directed, resourceful Youth Counselor with a proven record of competently interacting with young adults and children to help them resolve their problems to ensure that their emotional needs are met.
• Specialized courses in mental health areas such as childhood depression and abuse and ADHD.
• Qualified to interview clients and assess them using a variety of questions and observations.
• Proven ability to determine the right types of social services for each client and ensure that they are referred to them appropriately.
• Proficient in managing and implementing structured environments for youths with an “at-risk” tag associated with them.
• Competent in developing and implementing interactive programs for clients in various areas and ensure that they take an active part in them.

• Target Development
• Child Risk Assessment
• Special Needs Assistance
• Conflict Mediation
• Juvenile Depression Handling
• Addiction Counseling
• Correctional Work
• Behavior Management 


Youth Counselor
(May 2012 – Present)

• Developed and implemented a series of interactive youth activities programs, resulting in the “coming out” of 87% of the enrollees
• Suggested implementation of substance abuse counseling, bringing in a large number of cases of the juvenile nature
• Mediated an escalating conflict between a counselor and a child, resulting in obtaining the trust of the latter and eventually being able to rehabilitate him successfully
• Held 14 workshops on Juvenile Depression and Deviant Behavior Management as part of the in-house training program
• Met with parents and guardians to determine their children’s counseling needs
• Engaged children into the conversation to figure out first hand why they require counseling
• Interacted with all enrolled clients individually and in groups to provide guidance and positive role modeling
• Conducted behavioral, social and educational skill development through one on one sessions
• Work with caseworkers to develop core treatment plans for each individual client enrolled in the program

Volunteer Counselor
(Mar 2010 – May 2012)
• Engaged children in conversation to determine personality issues and concerns
• Conferred with parents to find out the root cause of issues and made correlating notes
• Created and implemented counseling programs to meet the individual needs of each client
• Developed targets for each child and ensured that they are met in a timely manner
• Provided counseling services to troubled children in order to help them integrate into society and come to terms with their relationships
• Made overall counseling plans and ensured that each client responds to it properly
• Developed and work towards targets by coordinating with parents and guardians to ensure the achievement of aims
• Mediated conflicts between clients and parents and ensured that they are on the same page

Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Sciences