Residential Youth Counselor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: November 6, 2016


Never be afraid of impending interviews. Take them in your stride and think of them as learning experiences.

Acing an interview for residential youth counselor position is important since bagging a job is the main idea behind it.

But even if you do not bag the job, you’ll know the process enough to be able to prepare better next time.

Some interview questions and answers are provided below for a residential youth counselor position for your benefit:


Residential Youth Counselor Interview Questions and Answers

What does it mean to you to work as a residential youth counselor?
For me, working as a residential youth counselor means a lot more than just overseeing the activities of facility members. Providing young adults with structure in their lives and ensuring that they become responsible and contributory citizens is my main goal.

How do you handle the adversities that are the norm when working at this position?
Adversities are all in a day’s work when you are working as a residential youth counselor. I take them in my stride and make sure that I do not let them affect me on a personal level.

Have you even been in a situation where your verbal communication skills came into play?
There was an incident when a member of the facility snapped and threatened to slice his wrists while perched on a precarious window ledge. One wrong move would have created havoc. It took me 30 minutes to coax him into giving up the weapon and climb down. Thankfully I was convincing enough to reach out to him.

How do you handle the emotional involvement part of working as a residential youth counselor?
I stay as detached as possible. At times, it is difficult to stay detached but I still do all that I can not to feel emotionally about a situation, so that it doesn’t cloud my judgement.

As a residential youth counselor, what have been your prime duties?
Training members of the facility to guide them to proper life and career directions, performing crises intervention, providing structured environments to at-risk individuals, and ensuring that all members have access to facilities of daily needs is all part of my work.

If given a chance, would you choose another profession? Why or why not?
I would stick to working as a residential youth counselor. This is because my expertise lie here and there is no other work that I can do that will make me as satisfied to help others as this work does.