Guidance Counselor Resume Objective Examples

Updated June 4, 2019

Not so long ago, career objectives used to be a compulsory section of every resume.

In the present day, this section is widely being replaced by a professional profile/summary.


Whether you call it a summary or an objective, the purpose of this section is to introduce your candidacy.

Usually placed on top of the resume, an objective is the first thing the reader reads about the candidate.

Here is a brief comparison that will help you differentiate between a well written and a poorly written resume objective:

Well written objective: Poorly written objective:
➜ Is the employer focused
➜ Communicates what you offer
➜ Is the candidate focused
➜ Communicates what you are looking for



You can take your resume objective to the next level by incorporating it into your performance summary.

Objective summary hybrids are more effective since they help in up selling one’s candidacy by allowing showcasing of the candidate’s distinguishing features.

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Sample Objectives for Guidance Counselor Resume

• To contribute superior skills in behavioral and vocational youth guidance and counseling for the benefit of ABC Company. Known for contributing to the structure and stability by helping students stay on task and focused.

• A challenging guidance counselor position where prior experience and expertise in career counseling, behavioral counseling, academic coaching, and aptitude testing could be utilized effectively.

•  Seeking a guidance counselor position with ABC Company that will enable practicing innovative guidance and counseling strategies. Particularly skilled in rapport building, parent-teacher liaison, and student portfolio maintenance.

• Successful guidance counselor with 6+ years of hands-on experience in the field seeking an opportunity to contribute to the ABC Company. Offering the following strengths:

✓ Career life planning program development
✓ Aptitude assessment
✓ School-to-work implementation

• Looking for a High School Guidance Counselor Job. Skilled in supporting and counseling students and parents on the application process. Ability to assist with admissions, interviews, and follow-up.

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