School Guidance Counselor Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: January 26, 2020

School guidance counselors hold important roles, which is why it is important that they are hired after much scrutiny. Hence, your resume has to be excellently managed, so that the hiring manager can decide that you are the best person to hire.

A school guidance counselor’s resume should host solid information on the individual’s knowledge of the work, and experience in it.

Specifically, it should say that the applicant is excellent at determining students’ interest, and has great experience in helping them meet their academic, social, and emotional goals.


School Guidance Counselor Resume Sample Template



John Miller
646 Morgan Road, Hobbs, NM21021
(000) 999-9999


Inspirational, energetic, and empathetic individual, with a passion to help students realize their emotional, social, and academic goals. Enjoy reaching out to students from different backgrounds, effectively communicating the right messages. Detail-oriented and deadline-driven, with strong time management skills.

Individual and Group Counseling | Crises Intervention
Grief Response | Referrals Management
Critical Data Determination | Needs Assessment
Counseling Delivery | Materials Development
Behavioral Problems Management | Improvement Planning
Results Analysis | Assessment Management

• Increased student outreach trust by implementing an “open door” policy
• Conducted 3 group sessions in one day as part of an awareness program
• Implemented student assessments, thereby, easily determined students’ goals for the upcoming year


School Guidance Counselor
Round Valley Unified Schools, Hobbs, NM
May 2016-Present
• Engage students in conversation to determine their specific problems
• Administer assessments to determine students’ interests and problems
• Provide individual as well as group counseling related to academic success and self-understanding
• Coordinate grief crises intervention services such as suicide prevention, child abuse, and health concerns
• Provide referrals to students and parents to appropriate specialists
• Confer with teachers in order to provide possible interventions for academic, or behavior modifications
• Identify and evaluate critical data such as grades, test scores, attendance, and promotion rates
• Guide individual students and groups through the development of educational plans
• Develop and implement a variety of materials on education, and personal and social development

Assistant School Counselor
Davidson Chartered Academy, Hobbs, NM
Jan 2012-May 2016
• Collected information regarding student strength, interest, and enrolled subjects
• Created and maintained students’ records and logs
• Assisted counselors in creating wellness and outreach programs
• Supported conflict mediation efforts
• Facilitated alcohol and drug prevention programs
• Improved learning conditions by effectively working on academic boards

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
Hobbs College, Hobbs, NM – 2011




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