Top 11 School Counselor Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: January 27, 2023

As a resume starts with an objective statement, it is imperative to make it compelling.

A good opening of your resume leads to increased interest in your candidature by the employer.

The way you begin your resume will eventually set the pace of it, making you come across as someone who is not only good to hire but also a great choice because of your skills and passion.

How to Write a Good Career Objective Statement for a School Counselor Position?

  1. Write your key skills, as well as your passion to work for the employer.
  2. Keep the objective statement short and to the point.
  3. Do not use flowery language.

Some examples of objectives for a school counselor resume are provided below for your reference:

Sample Objectives for School Counselor Resume

High School Counselor Objectives

1. An enthusiastic and student-focused School Counselor with 10+ years of experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, seeking employment at ABC Public Schools. Poised to provide students with emotional, mental, and professional support and promote their positive behavior. Current Pennsylvania Teacher’s Certificate as a School Counselor.

2. Seeking a position as a School Counselor at Napa Valley School. Excited to use my f 8 years of experience in handling counseling programs for high school students. Bringing the ability to guide and counsel groups and individuals, aimed at meeting their specific emotional, and academic goals.

3. Highly resourceful, competent, and organized High School Counselor, with 6+ years of extensive experience in providing counseling to students in an academic and personal capacity. Enthusiastic about providing students of ABC School with assistance in choosing programs and courses according to their interests, and future career plans.

4. High School Counselor with over 4 years of experience in providing students with assistance in handling academic, social, and personal development issues, seeking employment at Bevee’s High School. Poised to communicate goals of comprehensive school counseling programs to education stakeholders, and provide students with assistance in determining their strengths and limitations.

5. Successful High School Counselor looking for a position at Oregon City School District. Offering expertise in planning and promoting programs that enhance the academic, social, and emotional growth of assigned students. Able to work with students to handle disciplinary, and academic problems, profoundly.

6. Detail-oriented High School Counselor eager to work for NY Public Schools. Passionate about guiding students to choose courses consistent with their interests, abilities, and career plans. Well-versed with the child’s physical and emotional development patterns.

Elementary School Counselor Objectives

7. Highly energetic Elementary School Counselor seeking a challenging role at St. James High School. Offering 12+ years of experience in counseling through curriculum guidance, individual student planning, and responsive services to help students in the areas of academic achievement, and personal, social, and career development.

8. To work as an Elementary School Counselor for XYZ School, bringing hands-on experience in conducting both group and individual counseling sessions to support students with issues related to social and academic problems.

9. Analytical-minded individual with over 6 years of counseling experience, looking for a High School Counselor position at St. Cathy’s High School. Bringing deep insight into developing comprehensive programs that meet the needs of students emotionally, developmentally, and educationally.

10. Eager to obtain a position as a School Counselor at Pine Elementary School. Bringing the ability to implement developmentally appropriate and prevention-oriented activities to meet student’s individual needs and goals of the school.

After-School Counselor Objective

11. Looking for a position as an After School Counselor at Mountain Pine School. Offers 5+ years’ track record of success in analyzing student data and developing data-driven programs for intervention action plans, aimed at improving academic performance and retention.


Not only a School Counselor Resume Objective sets the pace of your resume, but it also gives the employer a short, but descriptive introduction of who you are, why you are sending the resume in the first place, and what you intend to contribute to the organization.

It is strongly recommended to start your resume with a powerful objective statement.