School Guidance Counselor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 26, 2020


The basic purpose of a school guidance counselor cover letter is to show interest in the position. The cover letter will also serve to inform the school management that the applicant has a solid skillset to offer.

When you are writing a cover letter for this position, it is imperative to focus on your knowledge of assessing students, and helping them meet their academic, social, and emotional needs. You will need to show the hiring manager that you are a capable individual, who is trained in counseling school students.

Good communication skills, and the ability to reach out to people should also be emphasized. Moreover, your cover letter for a school guidance counselor position should highlight the fact that you are an excellent listener, and problem solver.


School Guidance Counselor Cover Letter Sample




Arnold Bing
(000) 284-0012
[email protected]

January 26, 2020

Mr. Ferris Butler
Human Resources Manager
Forest Ridge Elementary School District
10 Wheel Road
Taos, NM 40211


Dear Mr. Butler:

I am eager to contribute to the Forest Ridge Elementary School District in the capacity of a Guidance Counselor. Owing to my commitment to education and student welfare, I am confident that my skills and qualifications will work extremely well in alignment with your goals and objectives.

I currently hold a PEL (Professional Educator License), and possess solid understanding of providing individual and group counseling related to academic success, communication skills, decision making, and conflict resolution. I am organized, and can work well alone, as well as in a team environment. Besides, I am well-versed in providing crises intervention services, including suicide prevention, child abuse, health concerns, and substance abuse.

Highlights of my relevant qualifications include the following:

• Engaging students in conversation, and determining their concerns about academic, emotional, and social problems
• Helping students process their problems, and plan goals and actions
• Facilitating drug and alcohol prevention programs, and organizing peer counseling programs
• Teaching students and teachers about topics, such as bullying, drug abuse, and college planning.

In addition to these, I am competent in conducting individual sessions with parents, aimed at effectively communicating student performance, and how it can be improved. My professional credentials, along with a solid skillset will go a long way in contributing to your school’s success.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you at your earliest convenience.




Arnold Bing



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