Academic Counselor Resume Sample and Guidance

Updated on: May 29, 2020
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An academic counselor’s work is quite challenging, which is why their resume should show that they can handle the work properly.

Specifically, an academic counselor’s resume should reflect the individual’s ability to support and educate students through well-prepared counseling programs.

When you write an academic counselor resume, focus on your knowledge of facilitating students’ academic or career goals attainment.

Moreover, you must emphasize your ability to assist students in developing social and mental capacities.

Your resume should also reflect your capability of enabling students to become mature, and well-functioning individuals.

Before you write a resume to apply for an academic counselor position, make sure that you go through the following sample to get ideas:

Academic Counselor Resume Example

Jessica Alan
687 Night Road, Norfolk, VA 10020
(00) 199-3154

Highly experienced Academic Counselor, with extensive knowledge of developing and implementing educational and counseling plans in conjunction with modern teaching methods. Unmatched ability to conduct group and individual counseling sessions, in order to assist students with problems and concerns. Well-versed in discussing career and education goals with students, aimed at providing the right type of counseling.

• Student Development
• Resources Management
• Student Progress Management
• Course Selection Aid
• Strength and Weakness Identification
• Behavioral Intervention
• Options Identification
• Form Completion Assistance
• Academic Progress Monitoring
• Files and Records Maintenance
• Transfer Transcript Evaluation
• Reports Management

• Successfully placed 100+ students in their desired courses, and career paths
• Responsible for setting up the facility’s own student counseling department, therefore, eliminated outsourcing
• Implemented a strength and weakness identification system, as a result, saved time in initial student screening


Academic Counselor
Uplift Education, Norfolk, VA
May 2016 – Present

• Assist students in defining and developing realistic educational goals
• Create plans for each semester, and summer school, in order to keep students interested in school activities
• Support students in planning programs consistent with their strengths and interests
• Meet with new students to conduct pre-admission evaluations of transcripts
• Advise students about the length of time for their courses
• Discuss educational goals with students, and provide them with correlating information and resources

Admissions Advisor Assistant
Norfolk High School, Norfolk, VA
Jan 2011 – May 2016

• Identified students’ strengths and limitations and manage to report on progress
• Connected students with resources including tutors and remedial class heads
• Provided students with information on required documents
• Checked admission forms to ensure accuracy and completeness
• Provided students with information such as submission deadlines, and course details
• Filed received applications in a safe and confidential manner

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Norfolk City College, Norfolk, VA – 2010

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