14 Objective Examples for Admissions Counselor Resume

Updated on: June 2, 2023

Individuals applying for the Admissions Counselor position may want to portray these skills in a resume especially when writing a resume objective statement.

Have a look at the following resume objective samples for the Admissions Counselor position.

Sample Objectives for Admissions Counselor Resume


1. Looking for a position as an Admissions Counselor with the University of Colorado. Bringing expertise in developing a student base by evaluating and interviewing strong prospects to lead them through the admission process.

2. Passionate and driven Admissions Counselor looking for a position at Keiser University. Leveraging strong background and expertise in conducting counseling sessions for prospective students to assist them in making important admission decisions.

3. Seeking an Admissions Counselor position with Michigan State University using exceptional knowledge of conducting research and developing student profiles for possible admission purposes.

4. A position as an Admissions Counselor with California College of Arts. Offering strong background in prospecting and interviewing students and providing counseling services along with handling multiple events aimed at attaining a solid student base.

5. To obtain a position as an Admissions Counselor with Forbes College applying knowledge of coordinating college fairs and events in order to represent the college on a national level and review and evaluate admission applications for possible student recruitment

6. Admission Counselor position with the University of the Rockies. Offering keen student assessment skills and the ability to enroll students by guiding them through the institute’s processes

7. Looking for an Admissions Coordinator position at Keiser University where I may be able to act as the “face” of the organization and develop a student base for the university’s academic programs. Offering knowledge of using data and trends to plan and recruit effectively and evaluate students for possible admissions.

8. To obtain employment as an Admission Counselor with Liberty University providing support to the admissions office in conjunction with student prospection, education, and enrolment procedures. Bringing excellent communication and organizational skills, as well as the ability to work long hours.

9. Seeking an Admissions Counselor position with the Manhattan University of Science. Offering exceptional interpersonal qualities and analytic sense aimed at determining student candidates’ appropriateness for specialized university programs.

10. Looking for an Admissions Counselor position with Everglades University. Bringing 5+ years’ experience in counseling students for academic programs and employing recruitment expertise to choose the best pool of students for each program.

Entry-Level Admissions Counselor Objectives No Experience

11. Seeking a position as an Admissions Counselor at The California State University providing post-secondary education through various outreach programs and activities.

12. A position as an Admissions Counselor with Washington State University. Offering exceptional communication skills and outreach expertise aimed at prospecting undergraduate and graduate students through a variety of recruitment events.

13. To work as an Admissions Counselor with The University of Mississippi where I can employ my insight of developing specialized student recruitment programs in order to attain a sizeable pool of prospective students for the university’s programs.

14. To work as an Admissions Counselor with TCS Education System, using knowledge of recruiting students at a post-baccalaureate level.