Supplier Quality Assurance Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: June 10, 2019

There is a certain way in which your resume should be written when applying for a supplier quality assurance manager position.

The resume should hold information like your ability to carry out supplier validation audits, and strategy development regarding supplier concerns.


Technically, your resume is what will be given high consideration out of all the job application documents.

This is why you have to make it strong enough to make a positive impression on the hiring manager.

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Here is a sample resume for a supplier quality assurance manager position that you can look through:




Supplier Quality Assurance Manager Resume Sample


Gina Davis
8 Park City Road, Fort Collins, CO64582
(000) 875-8954
[email protected]


Expert in delivering all supplier quality assurance functions on an ongoing basis, in sync with quality management systems. Well-versed in developing and implementing best practices.

• Developed a supplier quality maintenance strategy, as a result, decreased quality issues by 70%
• Implemented a supplier liaison system, hence, improved processes by 50%
• Introduced a series of task management programs, thereby, reduced issues related to work deployment
• Trained 56 newly hired quality assurance personnel, as part of their induction program


– Strategy Development
– SOPs Creation
– Task Management
– Metrics Designing

– Supplier Validation 
– Process Parameters 
– Purchase Support
– Corrective Actions

– Process Improvement 
– Supplier Collaboration
– Control Planning
– Product Quality 


Supplier Quality Assurance Manager
Mega Food, Fort Collins, CO| 2014-present

• Create and implement best practice quality vision, strategy, and policies
• Lead supplier development strategies, and design metrics for supplier performance
• Carry out supplier validation audits
• Work with teams to define process parameters and criteria
• Support new product launches in order to ensure that suppliers are capable of delivering quality products
• Review and analyze supplier quality data to identify process improvement opportunities
• Conduct supplier assessments and perform risk assessments

Quality Assurance Officer
Ace Manufacturing, Fort Collins, CO | 2008-2014

• Checked the quality of all raw materials in order to ensure standardization
• Provided feedback to suppliers regarding quality issues
• Created and maintained effective relationships with suppliers and vendors so as to ensure continuous quality materials delivery
• Provided feedback to manufacturing personnel about quality assurance SOPs to be followed at each level
• Administered budgets and perform forecasts
• Created and submitted audit and QA reports on a periodic basis

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management
Major: Quality Assurance
Fort Collins Business School, Fort Collins, CO – 2008

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