4 Real Estate Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: November 7, 2022

Before appearing in the real estate receptionist interview, know your skills, accomplishments, and goals. Preparing for the interview is important so that you can effectively sell yourself to the person who is interviewing you.

A seemingly simple question tell me about yourself, will require you to say something that shows that you are not a run-of-the-mill type of candidate.

Even though this question will make you feel that you have to talk about where you were born and which college you attended, it won’t. The reason interviewers ask this question is to find out how a candidate’s accomplishments and skills add up so that they relate to the employer’s own requirements.

Self-assessment is perhaps the best way that you can prepare for an interview. An accurate assessment of your personal qualities and skills and identifying your personal qualities is imperative.

If you can use words such as enthusiastic, goal-oriented, reliable, persevering, resourceful, and quality-oriented, you have a great chance of excelling at the interview.

Some questions that you may be asked at an interview for a real estate receptionist position include:

4 Possible Interview Questions and Answers for Real Estate Receptionist

1. What is the difference between working as a real estate receptionist and one in another industry?

Each industry requires different qualities and skills in the receptionist that they hire. A receptionist working for a real estate agent will need to perform the regular work of a receptionist along with providing information regarding property listings and prices.

2. What type of skills do you have that make you a good choice to work as a real estate receptionist?

I am extremely well-organized and customer service-oriented, which makes it easy for me to deal with clients. Since I have worked as a receptionist in a real estate agency for over 7 years, I am aware of the areas around the city and can easily estimate property prices. This gives me an edge as I can handle initial pitches to help clients make up their minds to use the company’s services. Additionally, I can handle office correspondence, particularly client information letters, and also manage advertising materials for property listings and to attract new clientele.

3. Tell us of your most significant accomplishment as a real estate receptionist.

I am credited with greatly facilitating the biggest real estate deal that the company (for which I was working) was involved in, which added significant revenue to not just the company, but also for the real estate agent who had initiated the deal.

4. Have you ever done something that helped reduce the company’s costs? If yes, tell us what.

The company obtained all its office supplies and equipment from a very expensive supplier. I researched and suggested bringing onboard a less expensive one, which reduced company expenditure on office supplies by a staggering 88%, without compromising on quality.