Operations Coordinator Resume Sample and Guide

Updated on: October 19, 2020

An operations coordinator is a managerial position that requires supervision of office procedures and administrative tasks throughout the day.

A resume is a summary of your qualifications and experiences that relate to the target job skills. In order to create an effective resume for the operations coordinator position, you need to know the required skills and qualifications.

An ideal operations coordinator resume must translate all the above-mentioned skills in a logical and convincing manner to create an effective resume. Following is a sample resume for the operations coordinator job.

Sample Resume for Operations Coordinator 

Timothy Luke
304 Oakwood Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 87665
(000) 951-8535

Budgetary Supervision | Office Maintenance | Business Management

Highly motivated and self-driven professional with 11+ years’ experience in official management, team leading, scheduling, problem identification, and troubleshooting. Adept at supervising and monitoring official operations, limiting costs via designing improved program operations.

  • Proven ability to lead a team via positive interaction and clear communication.
  • Expert in developing and implementing marketing strategies.
  • Track record of contributing to cost reduction via program enhancement and redesigning.


  • Operational project restructuring
  • Labor utilization analysis
  • Program designing and development
  • Setup log in accounts for employees
  • Employee database management


  • Trained, managed, and supervised a staff of 50 workers.
  • Enhanced production by 30% in one year, leading to cost savings up t0  $1000 annually.
  • Supervised and managed numerous fruitful third party and management meetings.
  • Restructured the operational assignments analytically, resulting in cost controls up to 10%.
  • Enhanced employee retention by the introduction of better employee benefit policies and on the job training.


Operations Coordinator
Clentec, Los Angeles, CA
2013 – Present

  • Manage daily office administrative issues
  • Organize and supervise daily correspondence
  • Serve as a liaison between employees, management, and external clients
  • Coordinate staff meetings and schedule staff shifts regularly

Operations Coordinator
ABC Company, Los Angeles, CA 
2009 – 2013

  • Trained newly hired staff
  • Arranged on the job training for the existing staff to enhance employee motivation and productivity
  • Monitored the work performance of employees
  • Maintained product quality

Bachelor of Business Administration
Oregon State University, Los Angeles, CA