Office Coordinator Job Description for Resume

Updated March 28, 2022
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Every office needs competent staff to manage day-to-day work that will keep it running smoothly.

Many people make a business successful – from the lowest in the hierarchy to the highest!

Every staff member has his role to play, and every position is as important as the next.

People who are part of an administrative department are the key players in efficiently helping a business to run smoothly.

Office Coordinator Job Description

The work of office coordinators is instrumental in the smooth running of an office.

Also known as secretaries, office assistants, and even administrative assistants, office coordinators perform a variety of administrative tasks such as managing information between departments, acting as a point of contact for visitors, and providing organizational support in general.

There are a number of functions that an office coordinator needs to do in a day so that an office runs smoothly.

Office coordinators are also responsible for providing high-level support to executives by managing their schedules, appointments, and correspondence.

An office coordinator should be a jack-of-all-trades. There are many aspects of an office that an office coordinator is expected to manage including sales, operations, administration, and even human resources to a certain extent. Office coordinators are also expected to lead company meetings and events as and when the need arises.

To be able to build an effective resume for an office coordinator, you need to write powerful statements about your past experiences.

View the job duties and responsibilities statements below to get a better idea.

Job Duties for Office Coordinator Resume

• Provide front desk support to guests and clients.

• Greet visitors and provide information as asked.

• Answer telephone and handle the flow of visitors.

• Type and distribute letters and correspondence.

• Manage files, record systems, office supplies, and inventory.

• Organize staff meetings and executive calendars.

• Provide personal and professional support to directors.

• Assist in interviewing and hiring staff.

• Train new hires with preliminary work information.

• Coordinate and plan meetings and corporate events.

• Create and maintain liaison with external agencies and suppliers/vendors.

• Make sure that customer complaints are catered to appropriately.

• Assist the HR departments in payroll services by providing attendance information.

• Create periodic reports for the managers.

• Assist seniors in accounting procedures.

• Manage petty cash in the office.

• Process paperwork for employees or customers.

• Keep office area clean and organized.

• Distribute mail and faxes to appropriate recipients.

• Oversee custodial staff to ensure proper cleanliness and sanitization of the premises.