A cover letter basically explains your resume and aids the employer in determining your candidacy for a Junior Receptionist position. The main goal of a cover letter is to convince the recruiter to have a look at your resume, which can lead to an interview call.

Along with your skills and capabilities, your cover letter should serve as a reflection of you as a person. Try to instill your career motivation and enthusiasm for the target job in your cover letter. Following is one sample cover letter for the position of a junior receptionist.


Junior Receptionist Cover Letter Example


Anna Hathaway

Apt 587, Wall Street | Seattle, WA 56443 | (000) 888- 9999
anna.hathaway @ email . com

March 5, 2015

Ms. Gloria Duke
HR Manager,
Embassy Suites Hotel
501 Pine Street
Seattle, WA 56443


Dear Ms. Duke:

Are you looking for a receptionist who is:

• A self starter with outstanding communication and interactive skills
• Expert in guest cataloging and booking suits
• A cheery disposition with a professional appearance
• Well versed with high quality customer care standards
• Familiar with sorting correspondence on daily basis
• Flexible personality with ability to adapt to work environment

If yes, then you will definitely be interested in viewing my enclosed resume.

Having worked as a front desk intern for more than 6 months, my inborn ability to communicate effectively and interactively has been polished to a great extent. My skills in office management, organizing correspondence and placing reservations are just what your receptionist’s position requires.

My matchless ability to follow instructions and pay attention to minute details render me a highly suitable candidate for your hotel’s reception. My bilingual (English and Spanish) skills coupled with my valuable training in hospitality services could come in very handy in communicating with numerous foreign guests. With a genuine ability to multitask and deliver high quality customer care under high stress conditions, I could work efficiently in busy offices.

The extraordinary match between my skills and required qualifications for this job intrigues me a lot and I look forward to interviewing with you soon. I intend to call your office next week to confirm the receipt of this application and to set the date and time for an interview. In case you have any queries, you may reach me at (000) 888- 9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Anna Hathaway

Resume Enclosed