HSE Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: April 1, 2022

Despite the complex nature of today’s job industry, one needs a high-quality resume to secure a good job.

If you are planning to apply for an HSE coordinator position and looking for some resume writing tips, you will find the following guidelines useful.

HSE Coordinator Resume Writing Tips

• Create a resume that is search-engine friendly. This can be achieved by incorporating a lot of HSE industry-specific keywords.

• A small piece of irrelevant information can ruin the impression of your resume. Determine what you need to include very selectively and make sure every you add is highly relevant to the position.

• Start the HSE Coordinator resume with a professional profile or summary statement.

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Here is a sample resume for your guidance.

HSE Coordinator Resume Example

Conrad Grayson
428 Kimberly Lane, Alpine, AK 65001
(000) 333-6666
conrad @ email . com


Safety-oriented HSE Coordinator with 11+ years of hands-on experience in identifying various health, safety, and environmental hazards. Dependable, hardworking, and dedicated team player with the ability to develop, coordinate and communicate effective HSE strategies. A problem solver with excellent skills in risk evaluation and devising proactive corrective measures to nullify the HSE hazards and leaks. Substantial knowledge of OSHA standards regarding HSE protocols.

– Risk Assessment
– Incident Investigation
– Regulatory Compliance Assurance
– Condition Auditing
– Safety Inspection
– SOPs Implementation
– Staff Development
– Contract Management
– Policy Implementation


HSE Coordinator
(7/2016 – Present)
Key Achievements
• Reduced the accident rate by 50% during the first year of employment, through the proactive implementation of HSE policies.
• Restructured the HSE strategies that enhanced the security of the existing system of operation from 78% to 99%.
Key Responsibilities
• Make recommendations at the facility to minimize HSE hazards.
• Participate in monitoring audits and ensure HSE policies are being implemented.
• Conduct post-incident investigation and reporting.

Security Officer
(2/2008 – 6/2016)
Key Achievements
• Developed an HSE manual to facilitate employees and familiarize them with various PPE made. compulsory at the worksite as per OSHA guidelines.
• Demonstrated proper usage of PPE to employees.
Key Responsibilities
• Ensured the employees were equipped with the required PPE.
• Assisted in safe and green disposal of chemicals and other hazardous waste materials.

B.S., HSE Coordination
Technical College, Alpine, AK