Training Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: May 7, 2022

Are you writing a resume to apply for a training coordinator position? Wait.

Let us help ease you into the process.

Your resume should highlight your knowledge of, and experience in developing training programs for new as well as existing employees.

From the resume objective to the part where you end your resume, everything has to be perfectly placed.

To see how you can write a resume for a training coordinator position, refer to the following sample:

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Training Coordinator Resume Example

Samantha Paul
1093, Santa Fe, NM38044
(000) 987-8564


Exceptionally talented Training Coordinator with a track record of developing and implementing employee training plans. Demonstrated expertise in determining the needs of individual employees, and creating modules to address them. Familiar with recruiting and training trainers in order to ensure delivery excellence.

• Implemented a series of impactful training methods, as a result, decreased training time by 65%.
• Singlehandedly trained 35 newly hired employees, in the absence of more trainers.
• Introduced the concept of performance oversight, decreasing issues related to performance enhancement.
• Successfully implemented a weakness identification system, decreasing quality issues by 55%.


  • Weakness Identification
  • Needs Assessment
  • Research and Planning
  • Performance Oversight
  • Plan Development and Implementation
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Resource Building and Mapping
  • Training Methodologies
  • Efficacy Assessment
  • Program Impact Assessment


Training Coordinator
Lending Inc., Santa Fe, NM
• Assess employees’ training needs, and develop strategies
• Create, develop, and implement core training products
• Develop training programs and resources to meet the individual needs of each employee
• Conduct training sessions for both existing and new employees
• Conduct organizational needs assessment, through surveys and interviews
• Collaborate with the management in order to identify areas for improvement
• Lead training and coaching programs so as to build essential skills
• Assess the impact of each implemented training program
• Determine problems and deficiencies in each program module, and ensure that they are covered
• Create and manage training schedules, and make changes as required
• Handle record-keeping and filing tasks associated with training work

Training Assistant
Ace Services, Santa Fe, NM
• Collected information regarding training requirements
• Created reports in order to provide management with information such as training deficiencies
• Gathered resources and materials to be used during training sessions
• Assisted trainers through sessions
• Created and maintained records of training tasks performed each day

Bachelor of Business Administration
Santa Fe Business School, Santa Fe, NM – 2008

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