Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: February 7, 2019

A resume for an occupational health and safety coordinator provides deep insight into the applicant.

It is important to make this document an informative one. How? For starters, make sure that you choose the right format.

Then, place information regarding your knowledge of providing safety information to workers.

In your resume, you must highlight why you feel that you are the best person to hire.

Experience in developing strategies for occupational health and safety must be emphasized.

Also, you must tell a hiring manager how much you know about OHS procedures and programs.

Here is a resume for an occupational health and safety coordinator position to help you:

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Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator Resume Sample

Jason Mammoth
287 Cove Street, Somerset, KY 28743
(000) 999-9999


• Exceptionally talented occupational health and safety coordinator, with 11+ years of solid track record in planning and implementing OHS policies and programs.
• Implemented a risk identification system, hence, reduced identification time by 75%.
• Significantly reduced work injuries, by the implementation of safety procedures.
• Introduced the concept of preventative measures, as a result, reduced on-site accidents by 50%.
• Trained 150 employees in the implementation of occupational health and safety procedures.


Policy Review Safety Implementation Employee Education
Risk Identification Preventative Measures Bottleneck Identification
Injury Prevention Reporting Violations Investigation
Training Programs Development Consultancy Compliance Monitoring


Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator
Stulz Air-Tech Systems, Somerset, KY | 6/2013 – Present
• Inspect premises and procedures in order to determine health and safety requirements.
• Strategize health and safety plans and programs.
• Implement health and safety plans in accordance with company policies.
• Review plans in order to ensure their efficacy.
• Conduct inspections to obtain requirements information.
• Perform health and safety audits and risk assessments.
• Investigate workplace hazards.
• Develop safe work procedures for each department.
• Create and develop courses and prepare materials for training and education purposes.
• Submit reports regarding implemented health and safety procedures/

Occupational Health and Safety Assistant
Captivate Inc., Somerset, KY | 2/2008 – 5/2013
• Assisted in the development and enforcement of OHS policies, such as accident reporting processes.
• Supported accident investigations.
• Took notes, and recorded important information.
• Created and maintained incident records.
• Collaborated with coordinators in order to monitor compliance.

Bachelor of Business Administration
Kentucky State University, Somerset, KY – 2006

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