Top 20 Administrative Coordinator Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: October 6, 2022

Administrative coordinators work in a vast array of professional settings where their primary responsibility is to provide administrative services which may include records management, handling incoming phone calls, and liaising between various departments, staff, and management.

They also provide communications solutions to offices as well as they are required to be the first point of contact and manage correspondence as well.

On a clerical level, administrative coordinators manage office supplies and equipment along with filing and record-keeping activities.

Let us have a look at some resume objective samples for this position that will assist us in understanding how an administrative coordinator’s aspirations should be written in the opening phrase of a resume.

Sample Objectives for Administrative Coordinator Resume

Experienced Administrative Coordinator Resume Objective Examples

1. Top-performing Administrative Coordinator seeking employment at Jacob Holdings. Bringing strong administrative and organizational skills to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations. A pleasant demeanor and the ability to provide prompt service.

2. Outgoing and productive Administrative coordinator with 9 years of experience in making schedules, managing budgets, communicating with stakeholders who need assistance, and keeping organized records. Excited to work for Nelson Enterprises where my experience will be fully leveraged to bring a positive outcome.

3. Dependable Administrative Coordinator with exceptional expertise in providing general office administrative support, answering telephones, and greeting customers in a highly professional and engaging manner. Energetic to take responsibility for a wide variety of day-to-day tasks in a fast-paced environment at ABC Company.

4. Passionate and determined office coordinator who is known for facilitating interdepartmental communications and ensuring the smooth running of daily office-related tasks. Seeking work with XYZ Company where my data entry, interdepartmental coordination, and customer service skills can be utilized to enhance productivity.

5. Energetic and detail-oriented administrative support professional, seeking an Administrative Coordinator position with Hailey enterprises. Well-practiced in creating and executing schedules, managing budgets, and liaising with staff and management. Strong commitment to confidentiality.

6. Dedicated and organized Administrative coordinator with strong verbal and written communication skills. Seeking a challenging role with XYZ holdings where my experience in performing general office functions, planning, task scheduling, and report writing will be leveraged. Able to act independently and as a team player with all departments.

7. Highly capable and proactive administrative coordinator with strong organizational skills, seeking employment with Jacob inc. Bringing 6 years of hands-on experience in general office management, email responding, and data entry. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

8. A methodical and thorough individual with strong interpersonal skills and adeptness at task delegation, monitoring, and policy implementation, seeking a position with XYZ Company where my skills can be used effectively. Able to prioritize daily tasks and follow up.

9. Energetic and results-oriented Administrative Coordinator, proficient in the usage of office technology and equipment. Expert in MS Office and quick books; offering matchless administrative coordination skills in favor of XYZ.

10. Seasoned administrative coordinator with 6+ years of experience in providing administrative support to executives, scheduling appointments, and providing customer service. Looking for a challenging role with Green Homes. Bilingual: English and Spanish.

11. Energetic and personable individual with strong organizational skills, well versed in appointment scheduling, calendar keeping, and office maintenance. Seeking a position at AAA Holdings where my work acumen can be fully utilized to ensure the smooth functioning of office operations.

12. Enthusiastic and sociable administrative support professional with a decade of relevant experience, seeking an administrative coordinator position with AAA Company. Expert in correspondence handling, file keeping, and data entry.

13. Professional and proactive Administrative Coordinator with 4 years of experience in providing administrative and office support to executives, excited to work for Klein Marquees. Offering strong numeracy skills, and proficiency in using fax machines, scanners, photocopiers, and printers.

14. Administrative coordinator with exceptional problem-solving, task prioritization, and clerical skills. Eager to put my work acumen and ethic to contribute to the success of Wesley Enterprises. Proven ability to work in fast-paced and target-oriented environments.

15. Meticulous and punctual Administrative Coordinator seeking work with Yale’s Enterprise. Offering task prioritization, customer service, communication, and time management skills. Strong sense of urgency and ability to work well under pressure.

Entry Level Administrative Coordinator Resume Objective Examples

16. Looking for an Administrative Coordinator position at Cool Concepts, utilizing deep knowledge of office operations to engender smooth operations. Ability to make quick and logical decisions.

15. Detailed-oriented and organized individual, seeking a position as an Administrative Coordinator with Green Peach. Bringing effective written and verbal communication skills and excellent organizational abilities to contribute to the organization’s success.

18. To work as an Administrative Coordinator at Acme Inc. Bringing the ability to accomplish major objectives and assignments along with exceptional budget management skills. Known to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

19. To work for Ace Holmes as an Administrative Coordinator. Bringing exemplary dedication, organization, and the ability to work well under pressure to accomplish the organization’s goals. Able to actively advise clients and solve their problems.

20. To obtain employment as an Administrative Coordinator with Cooked Daily where I can contribute to successful program development initiatives by employing initiative and problem-solving skills. Effective listener and communicator.