Administrative coordinators work in a huge array of professional settings where their major responsibility is to provide administrative services which may include records management, information flow management and other support services. They also provide communications solutions to offices as well as they are required to be the first point of contact and manage correspondence as well.

On a clerical level, administrative coordinators manage office supplies and equipment along with filing and record keeping activities. You will notice that most of these duties include managing things effectively which is why an employer wants an administrative coordinator to be very organized.

Let us have a look at some resume objective samples for this position that will assist us in understand what an administrative coordinator’s aspirations should be written in the opening phrase of a resume.


Sample Objectives for Administrative Coordinator Resume

• Looking for an Administrative Coordinator position with Cool Concepts utilizing steep knowledge of office operations in order to engender smooth operations.

• Seeking a position of Administrative Coordinator with Green Peach using effective written and oral communications skills and excellent organizational abilities to contribute to organization’s success.

• To work as an Administrative Coordinator at Acme Inc. Bringing ability to accomplish major objectives and assignments along with exceptional budget management skills.

• Desire an Administrative Coordinator job at Ace Holmes. Offering dedication, organization and the ability to work well under pressure to accomplish the organization’s goals.

• To obtain employment as an Administrative Coordinator with Cooked Daily where I can contribute to successful program development initiatives by employing initiative and problem solving skills.