Administrative Officer Resume Objectives

Updated on: December 26, 2015


The verdict is that you just cannot do without writing an objective on your resume for administrative officer position. Not intending to get into an argument to decide which is better – a resume objective or a summary statement – the resume objective wins hands down. Why? Simply because it is uncomplicated and hiring managers like uncomplicated things. Imagine having to go through a hundred or so resumes in a week and you too will start like simplicity!

Resume objectives need to come as breaths of fresh air for hiring managers. The same old boring ones just do not cut it anymore. Originality sells. When you write an original resume objective, you are actually helping yourself greatly. Original resumes are those that an employer has never seen before and did not fathom. What does that mean? It simply means that you need to brainstorm different ways of telling a hiring manager that you are the greatest thing that can happen to him company!

Playing with words is important where administrative officer resume objectives are concerned. You leave interviews on the table when you are not creative. Since both resumes and cover letters are all about written communication, you have no choice but to put your written communication skills into play. Make sure that whatever it is that you are writing rings true and is according to what the employer is looking for.

For an administrative officer’s position, the following resume objectives should do:

Administrative Officer Resume Objectives

• Extroverted, dependable Administrative Officer seeking a position with Core Technologies. Offers 7 years’ track record of planning, organizing and conducting administrative programs to ensure continuous smoothness of operations.

• Systematic, tactful professional looking for an Administrative Officer position at Staples providing benefit of extensive experience in providing administrative support across departments including marketing and accounts.

• Desire a position as an Administrative Officer at Fidelity Insurance. Bringing 5+ years’ experience in handling operational logistics through exceptional organization and multitasking skills.

• To work for Cooper’s Guild as an Administrative Officer. Offering expertise in creating, developing and implementing core administrative procedures to provide support across multiple departments.

• To obtain a position as an Administrative Officer at Casper’s employing proven abilities in resource management, contract development and payroll administration. Highly developed human resource skills along with the ability to handle correspondence aptly and in line with company procedures and policies.

• Seeking an Administrative Officer position at Hailey’s Inc applying skills in providing support to company logistics such as recruitment efforts, database management and accounts administration.