The importance of writing objectives on cook resumes has long been debated. Let us analyze what an objective really does so that we can decide if it should be written or left out.

A cook resume objective can be used to:

• Emphasize the candidate’s main qualifications and summarize them for the hiring manager
• Inform the hiring manager about the position that the candidate is seeking and his / her career goals
• Establish the candidate’s professional identity

Here are the few things that a well-written resume objective can do:

• Tell the hiring manager what the candidate wants
• Precisely inform the hiring authority what the candidate has to offer
• Establish the candidate’s skills and qualifications

Some points to ponder:

Grammar: Since you will have to give a lot of information in a minimal word count, it is important that your resume objective does now show misplaced modifiers, passive voice, faulty parallelisms and mixed constructions.

Length: Between one and three sentences is sufficient for a resume objective. Beyond this, the content may become boring and difficult to read.

Balance: If you can be extremely subtle in what you expect the company to do for you, do so. But keep a balance. Employment is all give and take. You want something, you have to be prepared to give something too.

After your name, the first information that a hiring manager will get is what you provide in the objective. Write wisely. Here are a few objective examples for cook resume:

Cook Resume Objective Examples

● Detail-oriented, upbeat Cook seeking a position with Marriott International utilizing exceptional knife skills and ability to prepare food according to the menu and production sheets in a sanitary manner.

● Courteous, diplomatic professional looking for a position as a Cook with AAA Restaurant utilizing professional experience in planning and cooking gourmet meals.

● Seeking a position as a Cook at United Airlines employing unmatched ability to fashion palatable food creations that are in sync with passengers’ requirements and the company’s policies.

● Looking for a Cook position at The Hyatt using expertise in creating menus and recipes and cooking world cuisines such as Chinese, Italian, German, Indian and Moroccan food items.

● Desire a Cook position at Indiana Regional Medical Center. Offering deep insight into overseeing food preparation duties and ensuring sanitary food-handling practices, along with creating nutritious dishes according to set recipes.

● Striving to gain a Cook position with Boston Medical Center. Bringing hand-on experience in cooking healthy dishes according to patients’ individualized health and meal plans.

● To obtain a Cook position at Captain Cook’s by using exceptional expertise in testing food items to determine if they have been cooked according to standards and handling garnishing and portioning duties.

● To work for Golden Living Centers as a Cook. Bringing adeptness in providing quality and timely prepared food items. Able to effectively follow set health plans with a view to create tasty and nutritious food items to meet patients’ daily calorie needs.

● Seeking a Line Cook position with Brookdale Senior Living where expertise in preparing delicious and hygienic food items will be fully utilized.

● To obtain a position as a Prep Cook in a hospitality setting making the most of expertise in culinary arts to create new and innovative dishes and maximize customer’s satisfaction.